Facebook group created for Antioch woman who was victim of homicide

Source: Facebook

A Facebook group entitled Justice for Antioch Woman Burned to Death has been created for Mikaeylla Elizabeth Sharlman who was the victim in a homicide in Antioch in which her body was found burning on the Mokelumne Trail. (See related articles here, here, here and here)

In a post on the page earlier this week Renee Myers wrote, “The family of Kayla shared a beautiful tribute of her that I am honored to share here with you all. As people of faith, I know it would mean the world to them to have your prayers this evening and in the long weeks and months ahead as they grieve this tremendous loss. We send our compassion, our love, and our sincerest condolences to them in this hour and in the painful days ahead.”

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Mykaella Kayla Sharlman

Mykaella Elizabeth Sharlman RIP

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