Signature gathering for recall of Antioch School Board president begins

Householder does not provide response for petition, won’t say why

Effort has until April 6, 2022 to gather 9,913 signatures of voters in the district

By Allen Payton

Following receipt of a letter from the Contra Costa Elections office, on Wednesday, approving the petition to recall Antioch School Board President Ellie Householder, one of the leaders of the effort, Lindsey Amezcua said signature gathering has begun. HouseholderRecallPetitionApprovalLetter

Householder was served on Friday, Oct. 8 with the notice of intent to circulate the recall petition, and it was submitted to the county on Tuesday, Oct. 12. Householder then had seven days to provide a response, of up to 200 words, to the reasons given on the petition for the recall. But Amezcua said she did not provide one. (See related article)

Then the notice had to be published in a local newspaper, which was done in the East Bay Times on Friday, Oct. 22. The necessary paperwork was then submitted to the county elections office that same day.  A minor correction had to be made to the paperwork, which was submitted on Tuesday, Oct. 26, Amezcua explained.

The effort included gathering signatures at Wednesday’s school board meeting. Amezcua announced it during public comments at the beginning of the regular meeting.

They will also be gathering signatures during the Rivertown Trick or Treat event in downtown on Saturday, and will be in front of grocery stores, have them available in a variety of businesses, as well as door-to-door directly to voters, she shared.

According to the letter from the county elections office, the effort has 160 days, until April 5, 2022, to gather “not less than 9,913 valid signatures of properly registered voters in the Antioch Unified School District at large”. That’s based on 15% of the total 66,087 voters in the district.

“That’s more than who voted for her in 2018,” Amezcua pointed out. According to the election results, Householder received 8,705 votes when she was elected that year, placing second behind Mary Rocha who received 13,148 votes.

Questions were sent late Wednesday afternoon to Householder asking why she didn’t submit a response, if she missed the seven-day deadline, and if she didn’t care to defend herself, or if she doesn’t consider the recall a serious matter. But she did not respond as of publication time Thursday afternoon.

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