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Welcome to the Antioch Herald

Operating a newspaper in this day and age and in this economy is not easy. But we feel that Antioch, a thriving city of more than 1145,291 people, deserves its own newspaper that is of, by and for the people about the government, places, events and activities in Antioch, California.

Started online in November 2010 after a five-year hiatus from newspaper publishing, the team that brought you the first city-wide, direct-mailed newspaper (the Antioch Press from 2001-2005), returned with the same leadership and some of our same writers, plus new staff, as well.  Our print edition began being sent in May 2011 inside the Monthly Grapevine, to every mailbox in the 94531 ZIP Code, approximately 9,000 homes in the 94509 ZIP Code and every business in Antioch.

Then, on March 1, 2016, we launched our countywide news website, the Contra Costa Herald to cover what’s happening with our county government and the other 18 cities in Contra Costa.

We finally expanded the Antioch Herald citywide in September 2020 with the support from advertisers and readers who support those advertisers, mailing to all 37,750 homes and businesses, plus 250 copies distributed in racks and stacks around town, for a total circulation of 38,000. Of those totals, 20,000 were inserted inside the Monthly Grapevine and the other 17,750 copies were mailed directly to the rest of the homes in Antioch.

The Herald is Antioch’s only local news website and newspaper, when we publish a print edition.

But, with a limited staff, we depend on your help. Please send us letters to the editor, news tips, articles, article ideas, photos, press releases, etc. If something interesting is going on in your neighborhood, school, church, workplace, club and elsewhere, let us and your fellow residents know. We’re here for you. This is your paper and news site. We appreciate your participation in providing our residents information about Antioch they might not find elsewhere. Please send your letters, articles, press releases, photos and ideas to editor@antiochherald.com.

NOTE: Due to the impacts of COVID-19 on our clients’ businesses resulting in a significant decrease in advertising sales which pays for all the costs of publishing the newspaper, as well as increasing postage costs due to our partner, the Monthly Grapevine (in which we inserted) not publishing in Antioch, we have not been able to publish a print edition, each month on a regular basis since December 2020. However, as the local economy grows, we hope, pray and expect to be back in print, soon.  For now, we will continue to publish the news and information about Antioch on our website and post it and more on our Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Allen Payton
Publisher & Editor
(925) 281-3300 Office or (925) 457-5324 Direct

8 Comments to “About Us”

  1. Chris says:

    I like this Idea of a new paper and hope it works out, we need better local coverage than the paper I work for provides

  2. I love the return of a local newspaper. One suggestion, for the online copy. Set up a way to either automatically send copies to emails (per request) or an auto reminder that the online edition is now available (per request.) Including the option for no hard copy, even.

    I love the paper being back, but i really don’t want a hard copy. I will read it online, ads and all. Thank you.

    • Publisher says:

      Ms. Grimes,
      Thank you for your kind words. We’re glad you like the news and information the Herald provides. Thank you also for the taking the time to offer your suggestions.

      However, because we currently are delivered as an insert inside the Monthly Grapevine, and plan to eventually mail to every postal customer in Antioch, you will continue to receive a free hard copy in the mail.

      Also, since we update our site as we receive news and information – with many more articles than are in the monthly print edition, if you will simply subscribe for free at the top of the page by clicking on the Daily Email Update and providing your email address.

      Please keep reading and be sure to use a coupon or two from our advertisers!

      Thank you.

      Allen Payton

  3. Loretta Sweatt says:

    The tremendous influential power of the press reaches far and deep throughout our city and area in every way possible. It is incumbent upon the media to tell the people, the story. It is not an easy job to do, pleasing everyone, though rewarding it can be. I respect the Antioch Herald and its Publisher Allen Payton, I think you’re doing the very best possible in publishing the paper. Your concerns and efforts are noticed, looked for and admired. I am sure you want the best for Antioch; I am glad we have the Antioch Herald. Thank You!

  4. debra duncan says:

    I haven’t lived in Antioch in a very long time, what happened to the daily ledger the Antioch newspaper??? How often does this paper come ?can I get it in my email? Thank you debra

  5. Kelly Hendrix Danek says:

    I haven’t lived in Antioch for over 34 years, but now and then I get back. I appreciate having a source like Antioch Herald to keep up on what’s going on in my home town. Thank you, and best of luck keeping this going!

  6. Kerry Siler says:

    Jim Harbaugh, Lane Kiffin tour Antioch for Najee, by Luke Johnson. They didn’t tour Antioch. They knew where to find their potential recruit. They went to Antioch High School.It was slightly disrespectful to refer to whomever “Mathews” is, to mention him/her simply as “Mathews” without even suggesting what role this person played in this visit. The paper also mentions road closures Monday thru Friday and gives times, no dates . Crime and noisy roosters is not exactly a Welcome Home for people wanting to open a new restaurant at the former Humphreys location.

  7. Dannette Bewley says:

    We live in Antioch and would love to receive your paper in hard copy. How can we make that happen and where can I pick one up in the mean time? Thank you in advance!

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