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Letters: Writer says Antioch voters should give Davis four years as City Treasurer

Monday, October 19th, 2020

Dear Editor:

I am proud to endorse Jim Davis for another four-year term as Treasurer of the City of Antioch. Jim is a class act. He is dignified, professional, knows money and city governance. I first met him 11 years ago when he was working in the banking industry and sharing his expertise in the role of Antioch’s Mayor. I know him to be smart, honorable and able to connect with people across all levels of the government and the community.

Perhaps the one memory of Jim which stands out most to me when it comes to his commitment to the people of Antioch, is high-level meetings we attended in Washington DC advocating for funding and legislation which supported the economic growth of East Contra Costa.

What I know of Jim, I believe he is the best candidate to serve in the role of Treasurer and help Antioch move forward securing opportunities and addressing challenges for the finances of Contra Costa County’s second-largest city.

Angela Lowrey

Oakley, CA

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Antioch community leader withdraws endorsement of Wright, now backs Makinano for Mayor instead

Sunday, October 18th, 2020


It is very important that I make myself clear.  Regardless of the fact that there are photos of me on early positive flyers supporting Sean Wright’s campaign, before the attack flyers against Lamar Thorpe  were designed and distributed, I had shifted my support to Gabriel Makinano for Mayor and here is why.

Back a few years ago when many of us in the community were trying to find a better way forward for our youth of all race and ethnic groups, I met  a young man named Gabriel Makinano who had the same mission and passion as the rest of us and aligned  and partnered his organization with the Youth Intervention Network team.

Most of you know about the work YIN was able to accomplish with youth who were struggling  and it was recognized by the United Nations and Attorney General Eric Holder after we saw the first 100 youth of all colors and economic status who finished the initiative go from a 1.0 GPA to an average of 3.5 and go to college after graduation.

This city was united with our police department, beginning with Chief Jim Hyde, and later Chief Allan Cantando, and now Chief Tammany Brooks. Over 300 residents of all racial backgrounds spent a full 40 hours with our Northern Irish team and then went through background checks to work with families.

During all of this, Gabe and his team were strong participants, allies and partners. He and his organization have and continue to make a tremendous contribution to our youth and our community.

Gabriel Makinano is loving and humble, and will be an amazing mayor

Iris Archuleta, JD


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Letters: Writer wants change, new community college board member for Ward 5

Saturday, October 17th, 2020


Ward 5 of the Community College Board needs change – Enholm must go!

Ward 5 of the Contra Costa Community College District, including Bay Point, Pittsburg, Antioch, Brentwood, Oakley, Knightsen and Bethel Island, is badly in need of new leadership. The current Trustee for this area, Greg Enholm, has engaged in poor decisions, erratic behavior, and unethical acts that have not served the District, Los Medanos College in particular, very well.

This is not new, but enough is enough.

When the Board of Trustees approved in a 4-1 vote the building of the new Campus located in Brentwood, on donated land, with an approved Bond Measure E in 2014, Enholm continued to oppose its construction. An alternative site would have taken years for approval adding costs for acquisition of land and increased taxes. The new campus was needed as the existing leased building in a retail district of Brentwood was over-capacity. In 2016 Enholm also recommended the residents of the nearby Trilogy community sue the District to keep its construction at bay.

This opposition caused numerous delays, added hundreds of thousands of dollars to the cost due to litigation, and for a time imperiled the use of the approved Bond as expenditures needed to begin within an approved time. Covid-19 has impacted its opening, but the students will be served well by this new educational facility.

Especially troubling has been allegations of multiple ethics violations by Enholm that have recently come to light. He has not denied the allegations. The allegations were found to be true by an investigator of the District which included inappropriately trying to get a friend re-classified to be considered for a top-level position as well as ghost-writing an email to the District. As part of the investigation it was noted that Enholm went directly to the Chancellor to ask him to reconsider his friend for the position even though the person was already deemed to be unqualified for the position.

Of late, with the District facing challenges due to COVID-19, he also voted to terminate upper-level district managers, ignoring numerous requests from faculty and classified staff to reconsider that decision. Enholm has stopped listening to the faculty, staff, and his constituents and has engaged in recent actions that have put our District’s financial future at risk.

It is time for new leadership on the Contra Costa Community College District Board: Elect Fernando Sandoval.

Valerie T Lopez



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Writer unhappy with negative campaigns wants Antioch people to join together, love each other

Thursday, October 15th, 2020

Dear Editor:

This is not the time for promoting hate by any candidate. Do we not see what is going on in this country. Is there nowhere that peace and dignity reigns during this time? People are dying. Racism and division rules.

What is all this really about and is it worth it? I guess unity and respect for one another has digressed.
No candidate is all good and none are all bad. Can we come together in a non-political environment and spend time talking about how we will rebuild community for real, and just talk about it?

I want to love people the way Christ has shown us. Whether you believe in Christ or not, I believe most of us in this community believe in unity and care. I’m not going to lie. Love is a struggle right now. Will people who want to love one another come together?

Iris Archuleta


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Writer who regularly speaks out on issues endorses Wright for Mayor of Antioch

Monday, October 12th, 2020

Dear Editor,

I have followed the Antioch City Council for years (and I am certainly no stranger to the public comment podium). Experience teaches that the important issues facing our city are surprisingly complicated. Success requires being open minded, communication, intelligent decision making, and experience seeking solutions that are right for Antioch. Taking into account these vital qualities, and in light of the challenges facing our city, I am certain that the right person for Mayor of Antioch continues to be Sean Wright.

Sean Wright’s only political ambition is to be Antioch’s mayor; he is not using our city as a steppingstone for future political aspirations. In other words, he puts Antioch’s interests first. Mayor Wright is not beholden to any political party bosses, hence we need not worry about our city becoming a hobby horse for outside interests that will force Antioch down failed paths and someone else’s agenda. I have always been impressed with Mayor Wright’s in-depth knowledge of the issues, no doubt the product of his ability reach out and listen to people. His livelihood is here in Antioch, his children attend Antioch public schools, active in the Chamber of Commerce – these are just a few examples of how Sean Wright is deeply rooted in Antioch and committed to its success.

Especially important in these difficult times is that Sean Wright is transparent. There are no hidden agendas, no backroom deals, no maneuvering to pack the City Council with allies or employees, and no smear campaigns promulgating lies. Such antics will only serve to divide our city and call into question the motivations of their perpetrators.

I am voting to re-elect Sean Wright as Mayor of Antioch. With all sincerity I ask that you vote for him too. I guess you could say, “I like Wright.”

With Kind Regards,

Dr. Jeffrey Klingler

Antioch Resident (22 years)

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District 1 council candidate Soliz proposes emergency ordinance to support Antioch restaurants

Friday, October 9th, 2020

Dear Editor:

The following letter was sent to our mayor and councilmembers in time for their next meeting, Tuesday night.

Mayor and Councilmembers:

In an effort to support and assist our restaurant owners in Antioch, I am proposing the City Council immediately adopt an emergency ordinance to support our small business restauranteurs.  How?

I am proposing that the City limit the amount that third party food delivery companies can charge our restaurants to 15% of the sales amounts.  Currently, food delivery services can charge as much as 30% to provide this service to people ordering from our restaurants.  This temporary measure will help support our local restaurants, cost the City zero to adopt and implement and help during this pandemic time as some people continue to order food delivered to them, instead of venturing out for pick up.

Large conglomerate restaurants can usually negotiate a smaller delivery charge, but our local business owners are at the mercy of the delivery firms, and their high charges.  Our local small restaurants are often dealing with a 20% to 30% charge

Longevity for this ordinance?  Why not have the ordinance terminate when the City Council and County lifts emergency orders related to the pandemic.  Restoration of normalcy seems vague at this point, and the ordinance to support our restaurants should not terminate prematurely.

This is a quick way to support our restaurants in Antioch.  As we approach the fall and winter, we need to be proactive in supporting our business community.  I am available to share my research with you, and expect our City leaders to be responsive in helping our small businesses, restaurants in particular.

Manny Soliz, Jr.

Former Mayor Pro Tem and Councilmember

Current candidate Antioch City Council District 1

P.S. I also support waiving late fees on Antioch business licenses, this year to help all businesses in our city.


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Letter writer unhappy with salaries of Antioch school district employees during COVID-19, lack of student services

Friday, October 9th, 2020

Dear Editor:

How about you do a long story or set of stories and publish the salaries of the Antioch Unified 2,700+ employees collecting outrageous pay amounts while the children in the district are getting sub-par or no services. It’s all on The district has contractors “providing services” for special needs children through “distance learning”. Services for mentally handicapped children through a computer screen. Children that cannot talk and do not have fine motor skills to operate the computer.

Yet, these same contractors also work for doctor’s offices and provide in-person services through medical insurance. The kicker is medical insurance won’t pay for these services after three years old because the public schools are required under federal laws to provide it free. But they’re not providing it either, as Sec. 504 of the ADA requires.

Thomas Giles


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Letters: former Antioch Police Chief Cantando endorses Webster for City Council District 3

Sunday, October 4th, 2020

Retired Antioch Police Chief Allan Cantando. Courtesy of Antwon Webster for City Council campaign.

Dear Editor:

Over the past few decades, Antioch has become one of the most wonderfully diverse Cities in Contra Costa County.  As we continue to grow, so must our ideas and solutions to complex issues.  Remaining stagnant will not benefit Antioch. The City Council in particular must focus on actions that benefit all residents in the City rather than continue the cycle of political grandstanding.

This election year, we need new energy, and new thought processes on the City Council.  Rejuvenating the city through fresh ideas, and fresh perspectives will allow us to break the cycle of failure.  Our River Town has huge potential, yet the City Council does nothing to improve the conditions of Rivertown and other areas of Antioch.  We need strong, accountable leadership that will take the steps necessary to improve the conditions of Antioch.

The new energy and fresh perspective Antioch needs is Antwon Webster.  I have done the research on him and taken the time to communicate with him on several occasions.  He and his family moved to Antioch in order to create lasting memories and to make a home for their kids.  In doing so, he wants Antioch to be a place that is safe and full of opportunities for his family and for all the residents of Antioch. His top priorities are:

  • Safety:  Working with Law Enforcement to create and enhance our Community Policing program.
  • Reducing Crime:  Supporting our Law Enforcement through funding for additional resources and training.  Increasing the number of law enforcement to an adequate level.
  • Future City Development:  Reviving local business and creating youth outreach and development programs.  Improving city revenue through smart economic growth.
  • Blight:  Cleaning up Antioch and beautify the city so that we all can enjoy and admire the city we live in.  Beautifying and remodeling our historic, downtown Rivertown into something more modern day, where families can come and enjoy a walk on the waterfront.

Antwon Webster is a visionary and as a military veteran, he understands how to strategically move Antioch forward.  He is committed public servant and record of proven leadership.  He has shown and proven that he is a man of his word and a committed to the City of Antioch.  I am honored to endorse Antwon Webster for Antioch City Council, District 3.

Best Regards,

Chief Allan Cantando (Ret.)

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