Letters: Antioch District 1 council candidate Gibson-Gray says Mayor Lamar Thorpe needs to resign

Campaign photo of Antioch District 1 city council candidate Diane Gibson-Gray and Mayor Lamar Thorpe.

“Enough is enough and Antioch deserves better!”

Dear Editor: 

Lamar Thorpe initially stood out in Antioch politics using his relative youth and ethnicity and he used those distinctions to brand himself as a forward-thinking progressive candidate. He won his race.

But recently he has found himself in trouble and even though he beat the recall movement, he was arrested for drunk driving by the CHP. That issue is still pending. Now he is being asked to resign as Mayor of Antioch by two of his fellow council members, as the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to settle claims against Thorpe by two former female employees for $350,000 from when he was executive director of the now-defunct Los Medanos Community Healthcare District.  

As it happens, this is not a new issue for Mr. Thorpe. In 2007, Student Judicial Services found Student Association President Lamar Thorpe guilty of disorderly conduct for “lewd and indecent behavior,” and not guilty of sexual harassment and alcohol charges. It is evident that Thorpe’s racist and sexist behavior is not a one-time event. It is a pattern of behavior that has continued throughout his life. This speaks to his character and shows that he is not fit to represent the good citizens of Antioch in any capacity. 

Perhaps more concerning for the city of Antioch is there has been no compassion towards these two young women expressed by Mayor Thorpe’s city council voting bloc, Tamisha Torres Walker and Monica Wilson. 

Lamar Thorpe has a reputation regarding people he sees as political enemies. He has a reputation for swift retribution and holding long grudges and has no compunction at all about using the racist term “Karen” when referring to women whom he views as his enemies. In fact, he used a racist term to promote his recent recall fundraiser roast by calling proponents “Karens”. That was not the first, nor last time we have seen him use that term with a big smile on his face. 

His use of offensive language and vulgar gestures towards those he terms his ‘enemies’ create an environment of disrespect and fear. 

In conclusion, if your impression of Antioch politics has taken a bruising over the last two years, it is because you are paying attention. Now is the time to have your voice heard; ask Thorpe to resign and Torres Walker and Wilson to do the same.  

Enough is enough and Antioch deserves better! 

Diane Gibson-Gray 


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