In Memoriam: Antioch resident Jordan Davis passes at 29

A Journey of Joy and Jests

On January 21, 2024, the world lost a bit of its sparkle when Jordan Phillip Davis, age 29, exited the off-ramp from life in Antioch, California. He embarked on this adventure on November 12, 1994, and from day one, Jordan was all about making waves – both literally and figuratively. If life’s a highway, Jordan was riding wheelies down it. He rode his dirt bike with the gusto of a kid at a candy store and jet skied as if he had fins instead of feet. His BBQs were the stuff of legend—where the grill was hot, and the steaks were never at risk. Jordan’s camping tales were more gripping than a tent peg in the earth, and if fish could talk, they’d have asked for autographs. After moving from Pittsburg at age 14, he attended Antioch High School.

As for cars, he wasn’t just under the hood—he was the wizard waving the wrench. But the heart of Jordan’s world was his little co-pilot, Jordan, Jr.

Together, they navigated the bumpy roads of life with laughter as their GPS and unconditional love was their fuel. Jordan’s career was a mixed bag of gigs from Save Mart to Tesla; until one day he branched out and plated his own business, HD Tree Service with his best bud, Carlos. They were the dynamic duo, shaking the family tree of the tree service industry one branch at a time.

The cast of characters in Jordan’s life story is as vibrant as a rainbow after a storm. He leaves behind his mom, Dolly; stepdad, Jimmy; son, Jordan, Jr.; Aunt Christene; Uncle Robert; cousin Robert; Uncle Moe; cousin Kayla; Grandma Linda; Grandpa Richard; Cheri and Robbie; and his ever-faithful best friend, Cutty (Carlos), the Robin to his Batman, who also survives him along with a forest of friends and distant kin. We are busy planning the after-party, ensuring that Jordan’s final send-off is as lively as he was.

So, let’s not say good-bye to Jordan; instead, let’s rev our engines and honk our horns in celebration of a man who lived life in the fun lane. Here’s to Jordan, may we all keep our tires dirty and our grills sizzling in his honor.

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