Antioch suspect in Oakley homicide and multiple teen victim shooting released Friday

By Danielle Navarro, Oakley Assistant City Manager

Oakley, CA – 4:49 PM – The homicide of a 16-year-old male, and the shooting of three other teenagers that occurred on October 21st in the 400 block of Shannon Way has been the top priority of the Oakley Police Department since it occurred. The investigators of the Oakley Police Department have worked tirelessly and continuously on this case over the past week. The Department has processed a large amount of electronic and digital evidence and spoken to many people in relation to the investigation. (See related articles here and here)

On October 25, 2023, the Oakley Police Department arrested Jason Walizada (18, Antioch) in connection with these heinous crimes. Walizada was booked into the Main Detention Facility in Martinez for a warrant, which was obtained by Oakley PD.

This case continues to be an ongoing and very active investigation. With this being the situation, we are unable to speak about the details of the case or what we have uncovered so far. Walizada will be released from custody later today pending further developments in our investigation. This latest development is always considered to be a possibility in major cases like ours where there are large amounts of evidence to process and sort through. 

“This case represents the largest, most violent and deadly mass-shooting involving youth in the history of Oakley,” said Oakley Police Chief Paul Beard. “We are not done in our pursuit of justice in this killing and it is our end goal to remove all responsible parties from free society and incarcerate them. I previously stated our work is not done – we will not rest until we have successfully achieved the end goal in this case.

As always, if there are any further developments or updates in this case, I will be sure to share them.”

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