Concord man arrested in Antioch for illegal gun

Suspect’s vehicle during stop and illegal gun seized on Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2023. Photos: APD

Lied to officer about his identity; had outstanding warrant

By Antioch Police Department

Excellent Proactive Arrest by Officer Milner:

Tuesday night (February 21st), around 7:00 pm, Officer Milner conducted a traffic enforcement stop on a vehicle on L Street near Highway 4 for a vehicle code violation.

Both occupants of the vehicle were less than forthcoming about their identity and the passenger identified himself as one of his family members. Officer Milner was able to confirm he was lying about his identity and discovered his real name was Elias Dempsey. Dempsey is a 23-year-old male with a residence in Concord.

Once his identity was confirmed, Officer Milner found out he was on probation and had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. A search of the vehicle revealed the pictured firearm under the passenger seat, where he was sitting. Dempsey was arrested for being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm, his outstanding warrant and a probation violation.

Our officers are dedicated to the citizens of Antioch, and this is just one example of that.


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