Bayon Moore says bye bye to Antioch for new position as Piedmont City Administrator

Rosanna Bayon Moore will be the new Piedmont City Administrator as of April 6, 2023.

Assistant City Manager leaves community with experienced leadership vacuum

“This is a huge loss for the city,” District 2 Councilman Mike Barbanica

By Allen D. Payton

On Tuesday, Feb. 21, the Piedmont City Council (see 10 minute mark of video) voted unanimously to hire Antioch Assistant City Manager Rosanna Bayon Moore as their new city administrator. Item 3 of the regular meeting agenda it reads, “Consideration and Adoption of a Resolution Appointing Rosanna Bayon Moore as City Administrator and Approving the Employment Agreement Between the City of Piedmont and Rosanna Bayon Moore.” Please see Item 3 of the attached or here – City of piedmont (

She will be paid an annual salary of $275,000 plus any cost-of-living adjustments to lead the 11,270-person city.

After serving as city manager in Brawley, CA for nine years, Bayon Moore was hired by former Antioch City Manager Ron Bernal in September 2020 in what appeared to be part of his succession plan 15 months before his retirement. But instead of promoting her to the position of interim and then permanent city manager, the Antioch council voted 3-2 to hire retired San Francisco Police Lieutenant Con Johnson as interim city manager. They then made his position permanent last fall in a three-year contract.

Bayon Moore speaks during the Piedmont City Council meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2023 before the vote. Video screenshot.

During the Piedmont Council meeting and before the vote Bayon Moore said, “Very excited about this opportunity to work with you…to work with amazing and engaged residents and city staff on this next chapter on this journey. Look forward to learning so much more about this amazing place and very, very hopeful and optimistic that I have something to offer you that is going to help us all grow and be stronger together. The best is in the days ahead.”

That was followed by a 5-0 vote of the council.

The Piedmont City staff report on that council’s agenda item reads, “Following a formal recruitment process, Rosanna Bayon Moore was identified by the Council as the candidate most qualified to perform the duties of City Administrator. Ms. Bayon Moore has extensive experience in city government, and currently serves as the Assistant City Manager to the City of Antioch, a role she has held since September of 2020. In this role, she has worked alongside the City Manager to provide fiscal and management oversight to an agency with over 350 full time employees (“FTE”), and a General Fund budget of $85 million. Ms. Bayon Moore directly oversees the Finance, Economic Development, Parks & Recreation and Information Services Departments, as well as provides special support to the recently established Department of Public Safety & Community Resources. Prior to her work in Antioch, Ms. Bayon Moore served as the City Manager to the City of Brawley, California from September 2011 to August of 2020. In that role, she supervised and oversaw all city departments, comprised of 140 FTEs with a General Fund budget of $15 million and overall budget of $48 million. Ms. Bayon Moore received a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Columbia University, and a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of California, Berkeley.”

Bayon Moore’s employment will begin on April 6, 2023.

She was contacted via email Friday evening, Feb. 17 asking if she had any comments regarding her new position and about her two-plus years with the City of Antioch. Bayon Moore did not respond as of Thursday, Feb. 23.

Questions for Antioch City Manager Go Unanswered

The following questions were sent Friday evening Feb. 17 to Antioch City Manager Con Johnson and all five council members: Do any of you have a comment on the departure by Assistant City Manager Rosanna Bayon Moore to become the new Piedmont City Administrator as of their council vote Tuesday, Feb. 21? How long were you aware of her pursuits of the new position and possibility of losing her experience and expertise from the city staff? Is there a plan to hire her replacement? Will that include using an executive search firm for a possible nationwide search? Or do you have someone in mind from the current city staff? Has there been any thought to combining the positions of Assistant City Manager and Economic Development Director as the City previously had?”

Barbanica Calls it a Huge Loss for the City, Wants Nationwide Search for Replacement

“This is a huge loss for the city,” District 2 Councilman Mike Barbanica said when reached for comment. He was the only council member to comment on Bayon Moore’s departure. “It’s Piedmont’s gain but our loss. I’m very sad to see her go. I’ve worked with a lot of city managers and assistant city managers in Pittsburg and here, as well and I can tell you she was a fantastic assistant city manager.”

“One thing I respected about working with her, she’s not intimidated by positions on the council, or the mayor and she’s not afraid to tell any of us ‘no’. She’s willing to stand up for what she believes in and knows to be the best thing for the city.”

Asked how long he knew about this he responded, “About 10 minutes” having first been informed by the media.

Asked if he supported having a nationwide search using a professional recruiting firm for a new assistant city manager Barbanica said, “I absolutely do. I just want the best person for the job.”

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