Letters: We don’t need secretaries for the Antioch City Council

Dear Editor:

If the Mayor and his two councilwomen (Walker and Wilson) need secretaries to help them do their jobs, then we need them to resign and be replaced by others capable of doing their elected jobs! The excuses that were given, as to why getting these secretaries for themselves, are ludicrous! (See related article)

As a past council member, as well as others past, I too had a full-time job and still carried out my elected duties without any personal hired secretaries. Many others, unhired help volunteers, provided any extra assistance that I and other mayors and council members may have needed to carry out our duties. This they can get freely, from their friends and families to start with! Their arguments in favor of getting their own paid Secretaries ignore our already hired various employees, and THAT is how we did it. We had many various events, communications with the public, as well as various other duties that this mayor and two councilwomen do not have now. It worked and can work now!

Having full time jobs is no excuse either. They never complained about such when they ran for their separate elections. If they cannot do their elected jobs, without the planned new hired secretaries, then it is time for them to pack it up and leave their positions! Council Members Barbanica and Ogorchock voted against the hired help and have no issues doing their elected duties, both presently having full time jobs and then some.

What we, the public need, and have soundly made clear for many years now, is more police Officers to begin with. In that alone they have failed to do and only made excuses over these past years why it hasn’t been done! I know and have heard their excuses and it does not “wash” with me and many others. They have failed and that is that.

Perhaps the mayor and his two Councilwomen should quit their full-time jobs instead and therefore have more time to do their various self-serving activities that they regularly have created to have the public ooh and aww about them.

If the mayor alone would quit with his constant unjustified press conferences and unnecessary press releases, using up our other employees to set these things up (like the transporting, setting up, and then reversing it after he is done) then he could devote that time to do those things he should instead be doing. Let’s not forget either that Councilwomen Walker and Wilson show up to attend these ridiculous things with him.

We need more police, not personal Secretaries as agreed to instead. Either do their elected jobs or resign is my take on the matter. We did it and so should they, without the extra secretaries!

Ralph A. Hernandez

former Antioch Council Member

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