Auditions for Shakespeare play in Antioch Jan. 17 & 18

The Death of Triboulet is set to be Auditioned on Tuesday and Wednesday next week – January 17 & 18th from 6-8 pm at the Nick Rodriguez Theatre at 213 F Street in Antioch’s historic downtown Rivertown.

Please join us as we begin the process of creating this new, original story, written by Max Ballesteros.

Cast of characters include: Kings, Queen, Princess, Court Jester, Regents, Guards, Cook, Messenger, Assassins and Nobles of the Court.

Taking place in the Middle Ages, Triboulet – the Court Jester to the King of France – is tasked with saving the life of the King while trying to keep from being sent to the executioner himself.

The important details of the production, auditions and policies of the Drama Factory can be found at

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The Death of Triboulet auditions flier

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