Rocha finally claims victory in Antioch School Board Area 5 race

Unofficial Results from Interim Update 2 in the Antioch School Board Area 5 race. Source: Re-elected Trustee Mary Rocha.

“I will see what the next four years will bring for me. I enjoy what I do and always have.”

By Allen D. Payton

With almost all the votes in the county counted and only 6,800 unprocessed ballots remaining, as of Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 16, 2022, in the Antioch School Board Area 5, incumbent Trustee Mary Rocha has, again increased her lead over newcomer Dominique King, now to 474 votes.

However, as of Thursday afternoon the Contra Costa Elections Division website now shows there are only 2,300 unprocessed ballots remaining in the county.

The long-time Antioch politician now has 2,101 votes or 56.36% to 1,627 or 43.64% of the vote for the first-time candidate.

A message posted on Rocha’s campaign Facebook page read, “Thank you. Although we continue to wait for the official final tally, I want you all to know how much I appreciate your support, your confidence and your votes. I hope to continue helping our students and staff. With gratitude, Mary.”

However, following the latest results update, Rocha finally accepted her victory Thursday afternoon saying, “This has been an interesting campaign. First of all, I didn’t know how I stood with my own neighbors. It was the first time I had to run a campaign in my own area. My very first campaign was for the bonds to build Mission School. I went around and got everyone registered to vote and we got the 500 votes to approve the bonds.”

“I’ve been participating a lot at Turner Elementary reading to the kids” she added about another school in her Trustee Area.

“At my age level, I’m not able to campaign like I used to. I have to give it to my committee who did a lot of work. They did a great job,” Rocha stated. “It was interesting too, to have Louie, my son in charge. He asked, ‘you want to run again? Do you want me to take you out in a coffin?’ I told him I still have interest so, he said, ‘OK. I’ll help you.’”

“My grandson was my treasurer, my daughter-in-law was my secretary, and my son was the chair of the campaign,” she continued. “There were more people that I want to thank, as well.”

“Now that I’ve been elected, I’m looking forward to people stepping forward to take my place in this position four years from now. I’m encouraging whoever is interested to follow me. It’s time,” said the 83-year-old. “In the past I never really wanted to let go. But the time has come. I really have to do it. I will see what the next four years will bring for me. I enjoy what I do and always have.”

At the next school board meeting on Dec. 16, Rocha will join Dr. Jaguanana “Jag” Lathan, elected without opposition in the district’s new Area 2, for their oaths of office.

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