Torres-Walker pulls ahead of Motts by two votes in Antioch Council District 1 race

Unofficial Results from Interim Update 2 in the Antioch City Council District 1 race. Source:

Wilson increases lead over Ogorchock in District 4 race; now only 2,300 unprocessed votes remain in county

By Allen D. Payton

With almost all the votes in the county counted and only 6,800 unprocessed ballots remaining, as of Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 16, 2022, in the race for Antioch District 1 incumbent Councilwoman Tamisha-Torres Walker now leads former Councilwoman Joy Motts by just two votes. Former Antioch School Board Trustee Diane Gibson-Gray is trailing in third place by 123 votes.

However, as of Thursday afternoon the Contra Costa Elections Division website now shows there are only 2,300 unprocessed ballots remaining in the county. How many of those are in District 1 remain to be seen.

Council District 1

The “Unofficial Results – Interim Update 2” shows Torres-Walker with 1,445 votes or 34.3% and Motts with 1,443 votes or 34.25% of the vote. Gibson-Gray has 1,325 votes or 31.45%. The total votes cast in the race this year are just 4,213 compared to almost 8,000 cast in 2020.

If the contest results in a tie, according to elections personnel, the winner can be decided by the flip of a coin, or some other method agreed upon by the two candidates.

Unofficial Results from Interim Update 2 in the Antioch City Council District 4 race. Source:

Council District 4

In the District 4 race for city council, incumbent Monica Wilson extended her lead over colleague and challenger, Lori Ogorchock to 608 votes. Wilson now has 2,579 or 36.58% to the District 3 councilwoman’s 1,971 votes or 27.96% of the vote. Newcomer Shawn Pickett now has 1,304 votes or 18.5% and second-time candidate Sandra White remains in fourth place with 1,196 votes or 16.96% of the vote. A total of 7,050 votes were cast in the district compared to 11,768 in 2020.

Assuming not much change in the final results, Wilson will be the city’s next mayor pro tem as the candidate with the greatest percentage of the vote in the two council district elections.

Another update is expected this Friday afternoon. The county has until Dec. 8 to certify the election.


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