Filing period for official write-in candidates in November election ends Oct. 25th

Only one candidate running in each of three seats representing portions of Antioch – Antioch School Board Area 2, College Board Wards 3 & 4

By Allen D. Payton

In some races for the November election only one candidate has filed to run but running as a write-candidates is still a possibility. Official write-in candidates, who can run for any office regardless of how many other candidates are running in the race and want their votes counted, must file paperwork and follow a process that ends Tuesday, Oct. 25th.

Source: AUSD

In the Antioch School District races, only one candidate filed to run in Area 2, Dr. Jaguanana “Jag” Lathan. There are also no challengers in the Contra Costa Community College District Ward 3 and 4 elections in which incumbents Rebecca Barrett and Andy Li are running again.

According to the Candidate Handbook and Resource Guide on the Contra Costa County Elections Division website, “A person interested in running as a write-in candidate may file for office between September 12 and October 25, 2022. There is no fee or charge required of a write-in candidate, except in the case of some city offices.

Any person who desires to be a write-in candidate, and have any votes cast for him/her reported, shall file a ‘Statement of Write-In Candidacy’. (Election Code 8605)

Cities, East Bay Regional Park District, East Bay Municipal Utility District, and Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District require nomination signatures to be collected for a valid write-in candidacy. Signers of nomination papers for write-in candidates shall be voters in the political subdivision in which the candidate is to be voted on. See pages 3-5 for the required number of nomination signatures.

Write-in candidates must file the same forms required of other candidates, who have filed during the regular filing period. The candidate statement form or ballot designation form does not apply to write-in candidates and write-in candidates may not submit a candidate statement.

Only votes cast for qualified write-in candidates are reported.”

Source: 4CD

Write-in candidates for city council, school board or special districts are required to file a Form 700 financial disclosure, Form 501 intention to run, and Form 470 unless they plan to spend less than $2,000. If they spend more, candidates also must open a campaign committee with a Form 410 which is filed with the Secretary of State’s office.

For city council races, write-in candidates are also required to obtain 20 nomination signatures of registered voters in the district where they are running. The voters who sign must live at the address where they are currently registered. Candidates must file their nomination papers and other forms with the city clerk’s office, except for Form 410.

For school board and special district write-in candidates, no nomination signatures are required but they must file their paperwork with the county elections office in Martinez.

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