Emerald HPC International honored as Antioch’s 2021 Small Business of the Year

Owners Keith and Iris Archuleta

During the Antioch Chamber of Commerce’s annual Gala on March 11, Emerald HPC International, LLC was honored as the 2021 Antioch Small Business of the Year. HPC stands for High Performing Communities and that’s what owners Keith and Iris Archuleta have worked to create in Antioch, by “Improving the Lives of People, Creating Healthy Organizations, and Building Sustainable Communities” as the mission states on their company’s website.

The Archuletas have served the Antioch community for over 20 years.  Since 1992, their company Emerald HPC has provided consulting, coaching, education, and training to empower and equip leaders of businesses, non-profits, foundations, education institutions and governments. They trademarked HPC, which stands for helping to create High Performing Communities.

As the creators of the Youth Intervention Network, Keith and Iris brought in international experts to help create a program that still serves youth in the Antioch school district. They helped train over 300 community members to help redefine the relationships between schools, law enforcement and the community. They also helped many potential dropouts change family relationships and a graduation success rate of 95% with all of those youth going on to post-secondary education.

YIN only highlights one of the many contributions that Emerald HPC has made as they have helped the Antioch Community Foundation, East County Business Education Alliance and so much more.

When reached for comment about the honor Keith Archuleta shared, “At the end of this month, Emerald HPC International, LLC celebrates its 30th year in business. We have been proud to serve this community over the last 22 years and Iris and I are especially honored to be recognized as the 2021 Antioch Small Business of the Year!”

Asked how they decided upon their company name and if it was related to their work in Ireland he responded, “We chose the name Emerald in 1992 as a symbol of rebirth, prosperity, and healing, long before our partnership with the folks in Northern Ireland. A happy coincidence!”

For more information about Emerald HPC International and the Archuletas click here: Emerald HPC Background and Bios 0621

Allen D. Payton contributed to this report.

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Emerald HPC Background and Bios 0621
Emerald HPC Background and Bios 0621

Keith & Iris Archuleta

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