Chelsea sushi restaurant opens in Antioch’s Rivertown Dining District

Chelsea is located at 625 W. 2nd Street across from El Campanil Theatre. Photo courtesy of Kathy Cabrera.

“I’m happy to be a part of Rivertown and want to make it better” – owner Sam Lee.

By Allen D. Payton

Chelsea sushi restaurant is now open in the Rivertown Dining District in Antioch’s historic downtown. It’s the

second of two locations for owner Sam Lee. The first one is located in downtown Brentwood. The restaurants are named for his daughter.

Lee previously owned Enishi Kitchen in Brentwood but he sold it four years ago, he shared. He’s been in the restaurant business for over 20 years having started out as a dishwasher and busboy.

Asked why he opened in Antioch’s downtown Rivertown Lee said, “my dream has been to open a community restaurant and I love the downtown culture of every city.”

Sushi rolls are the primary dish with their “Chelsea Special”. They also serve a “SF Giants” roll and vegetarian rolls. Lee said he’s still working on developing an Antioch roll and a Rivertown roll.

They also serve sushi which includes rice and sashimi which is raw fish, plus teriyaki entrees, noodles and appetizers including a “Spoonful of Happiness” and “Mango Papaya Salad”.

Chelsea’s Shiso TarTa dish. Photo: Chelsea

Chelsea is another restaurant brought to Rivertown by Sean McCauley.

“Sam is another ‘A’ operator that has entered the Rivertown Dining District. The key to our success down there is not just to get restaurants but proven entrepreneurs,” building owner McCauley said. “He is one of those quality operators that we handpicked.”

“I’m excited to have him part of the Rivertown community,” he added.

Located at 625 W. 2nd Street (in the former coin shop location) the restaurant’s temporary hours are Tuesday through Saturday 11:30 am to 2:30 pm and 4:30-9:00 pm. They’re closed Sunday and Monday.

Chelsea will hold their Grand Opening on Tuesday, April 26.

“I’m happy to be a part of Rivertown and want to make it better,” Lee added.

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