Antioch Planning Commission to consider forming Transitional Housing Zoning Overlay District for homeless motel Wednesday night

The Executive Inn on E. 18th Street is proposed to be used for transitional housing for homeless. Herald file photo.

Located at 515 E. 18th Street

By Allen Payton

During their meeting Wednesday night at 6:30 p.m., the Antioch Planning Commission will consider creating a Transitional Housing Zoning Overlay District for the Executive Inn on East 18th Street, to provide temporary shelter for the city’s homeless residents.

The proposal moves forward the effort announced in 2020 by the council’s Unhoused Residents Ad Hoc Committee by Mayor Lamar Thorpe and then-Mayor Pro Tem and committee member Joy Motts. The council on a split vote of 3-2 approved pursuing funding for the program, earlier this year. (See related articles here and here)

The staff report for the Planning Commission meeting agenda item 2 reads as follows:

“The City of Antioch is presently working to address its unhoused resident population by pursuing opportunities to provide facilities and services to directly address unmet needs. The City recognizes the importance of connecting unhoused residents with housing solutions while also introducing them to critical services. The goal of this combined effort is to provide the stability and resources to enable unhoused residents to transition into full time housing. This complement of housing and services is commonly referred to as transitional housing.”

The staff report also provides the definition of Transitional Housing of “Dwelling units with a limited length of stay that are operated under a program requiring recirculation to another program recipient at some future point in time. Transitional housing may be designated for homeless or recently homeless individuals or families transitioning to permanent housing as defined in Cal. Health and Safety Code § 50675.2(h). Facilities may be linked to onsite or offsite supportive services designed to help residents gain skills needed to live independently. Transitional housing may be provided in a variety of residential housing types (e.g., multiple-unit dwelling, single-room occupancy, group residential, single-family dwelling). This classification includes domestic violence shelters.”

In addition, the staff report reads: “Presently, Transitional Housing is defined, but is not otherwise regulated or permitted in the Antioch Municipal Code; additional action is required to create opportunities for transitional housing in the City of Antioch.”

Location of the Executive Inn at 515 E. 18th Street. Source: City of Antioch staff report

Transitional Housing Zoning Overlay District Update – The City of Antioch proposes to amend Title 9, Chapter 5 of the Antioch Municipal Code to establish a Transitional Housing (TH) Zoning Overlay District and to apply the proposed TH Zoning Overlay District to the property at 515 E. 18th Street (APN 065-143-018).


1) Approve the resolution recommending:

  1. that the City Council adopt the ordinance amending Title 9: Chapter 5 of the Antioch Municipal Code (Zoning Ordinance) to create a Transitional Housing Overlay District; and
  2. that the City Council adopt the ordinance amending the zoning of the parcel at 515 E. 18th Street (APN 065-143-018) to be located within the Transitional Housing Zoning Overlay District; and
  3. that the City Council approve a Use Permit for Transitional Housing at 515 E. 18th Street.

The resolution forming the overlay district for the motel includes the following:

“1. The granting of such Use Permit will not be detrimental to the public health or welfare or injurious to the property or improvements in such zone or vicinity.

The proposed transitional housing project will be subject to operational restrictions imposed by the City of Antioch through separate process and agreement. These restrictions will ensure that proper management and property maintenance occurs and is sustained for the proposed land use.

  1. The use applied at the location indicated is properly one for which a Use Permit is authorized.

The concurrent amendments to the zoning map and Municipal Code amendments create a Transitional Housing Overlay District and apply the new zoning to the property at 515 E. 18th Street. As such, a transitional housing land use may be permitted with a Use Permit.

  1. The site for the proposed use is adequate in size and shape to accommodate such use, and all parking, and other features required.

The property was evaluated for project suitability and found to be adequate. The proposed land use is functionally comparable to the existing hotel land use.

  1. The site abuts streets and highways adequate in width and pavement type to carry the kind of traffic generated by the proposed use.

The project site is located adjacent to 18th Street, which is a major thoroughfare in the City of Antioch and capable of accepting traffic resulting from this land use.”

How To Submit Public Comments

There are two ways to submit public comments to the Planning Commission

  • Prior to 3:00 the day of the meeting:  Written comments may be submitted electronically to the Secretary to the Planning Commission at the following email address: All comments received before 3:00 pm the day of the meeting will be provided to the Planning Commissioners at the meeting. Please indicate the agenda item and title in your email subject line.
  • After 3:00 the day of the meeting and during the meeting:  Comments can be made directly to the Planning Commission through the Zoom webinar. Please use the link for the specific meeting to attend the webinar and click the ‘Raise Hand’ icon to notify staff that you wish to speak. Or, use the ‘Submit Public Comments’ Link below, and your comment will be read into the record (not to exceed three minutes at staff’s cadence).

The meeting is online only and can be viewed at

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