Candidate Profile: John Astorga for Antioch City Council District 4

Alex John Astorga.

Alex John Astorga

Candidate for Antioch City Council, District 4

Owner, Napravit Incorporated

Top Issues:  

  1. Antioch Police Department – we need to foster a trust relationship and reimagine public safety for the 21st Century.
  2. Housing and Zoning creating a sense of community
  3. How can we best position Antioch as we emerge from the pandemic?
    1. What kind of businesses/jobs?
    2. How do we encourage diversity hire?
  1. Jobs and training

Accomplishments: I am most proud of my unpaid work.

  1. Volunteered for 2, yearlong phase 2 drug efficacy trials.
  2. Volunteered for LGBT community outreach
  3. Planted trees in El Segundo, CA
  4. As an IT Project Manager, I delivered a construction project for AAA (CSAA).

What I bring to the table: I am an IT Project Manager and worked for the City Palo Alto for over four years. I understand enterprise applications and how to utilize them to provide City services effectively.

As a Project Manager, I understand budgets and can effectively prioritize the tasks to achieve the goal. My budgeting experience spans City, County, Federal governments, and global corporations and small businesses.

Facebook Page – alexastorga4antioch

YouTube – alexastorga4antioch

Instagram – alexastorga4antioch

(925) 776-4383

Size 9.5

Editor’s Note: Astorga was the only candidate who responded to a joke the Herald included in the email asking for their profiles, photos and shoe size.

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