Antioch Police Officers claim homeless motel supported by Thorpe, Wilson and Motts will increase crime

It’s one reason the APOA offers for not supporting them in the November election

In an email message sent out by the Antioch Police Officers Association on Monday afternoon, they wrote the following, based on the 3-2 vote by the Antioch City Council on July 28, although all five council members supported a feasibility study on the proposal. (See related article)

“… and it’s being supported by

Councilmembers Monica Wilson and Joy


Mayor candidate Lamar Thorpe has a proposal to permanently house homeless individuals at the Executive Inn on E. 18th and Cavallo – an area that is already a crime challenge for the Antioch Police. But the problems only begin there.

The location is CLOSE TO HOMES, only 1/4 MILE FROM FOUR ANTIOCH SCHOOLS and the Antioch Youth Sports Center. And the cost to Antioch taxpayers could reach one million dollars or more per year.

The Antioch Police Officers’ Association believes this proposal could put citizens’ lives in danger and sets a precedent for Antioch becoming the magnet for the County’s homeless.

This proposal is but one reason we are NOT supporting the re-election of Councilmembers Monica Wilson and Joy Motts on November 3rd.

Thank you for reading this message.

Antioch Police Officers’ Association

Working to Protect the Citizens of Antioch”

Allen Payton contributed to this report.

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Thorpe’s Homeless Motel – APOA

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