Following chase, crash Antioch Police arrest Oakland man in stolen car early Friday morning

Scene of car crash following police chase, and suspect in custody early Friday morning. Photos by APD.

Suspect had multiple outstanding warrants

By Antioch Police Department

While our residents were heeding public health warnings to stay at-home, your APD night shift officers were diligently patrolling the town, to make sure things stay safe around here.

After washing his hands thoroughly an alert officer spotted a Toyota stolen from Oakland in the area of Somersville Road and the freeway. The officer tried to halt the driver of the Toyota, but he decided to put the pedal to the metal and lead us on a chase down Buchanan Road. Luckily, the streets have been empty, because our townspeople are fighting back against COVID-19 and staying inside. We chased him for a bit, but decided to pull back and use teamwork to keep a glaring eye on the only vehicle driving around at 1:00 am.

This particularly bad driver, a 28-year-old resident of Oakland, lost control of the vehicle near the Post Office on West Tregallas Road, but quite fortunately, his only victim was a street sign. Instead of calling it quits, he decided to try his luck at a game of cat and mouse by running into an adjacent neighborhood. He sunk to a new low, when he snatched a bicycle belonging to one of our younger residents and tried to pedal away, but a clever officer found the man drenched in sweat with a bad story about how he got there in the first place. Thanks to cooperation from our AWESOME residents (who pulled some video surveillance) we were able to trace this unlucky fella back to the scene of the crime.

As it turns out, the crook had several outstanding warrants for auto theft, in addition to a parole violation for robbery. We had no hard feelings over the matter, and instead provided free shuttle service to the County Jail for one individual who should’ve listened to all warnings to stay at home, and not commit crimes in Antioch!

We know during this difficult time, many of our residents are concerned about what the future might hold. YOUR APD officers are committed to protecting OUR CITY and will do all that it takes to keep YOU SAFE!


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APD stolen car suspect 03-19-20

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