The Herald recommends: Barr has the experience, knowledge and proven commitment to serve as Supervisor

By Allen Payton, Publisher & Editor

Looking at the choices in the race for District 3 Supervisor, it’s obvious which candidate is superior. Brentwood Councilman Steve Barr is by far the better choice, after having served for six years on the Liberty Union High School    District Board and four years on the council, plus his years of experience as a small business owner.

Steve has been there, making the tough decisions on all the various issues. Brentwood is the envy of other East County cities, with a budget surplus and a very safe community.

In contrast, Diane Burgis is now running for her third office in four years. She has yet to fulfill a full term. As a result, she hasn’t stayed long enough to actually accomplish anything in office.

For example, when she first entered the race, last year, Diane tried to convince me that she had done something about transportation. When I pressed her on it, she mentioned the trails of the East Bay Regional Parks District. “That doesn’t relieve traffic,” I told her. Diane then said she had just been appointed to a transportation board.

Yet, it was Steve who attended all the meetings of the county transportation authority, when they were developing the 30-year plan that’s on the ballot as Measure X, not Diane.

She needs to stay on the parks board that she ran for and was elected to two years ago, and focus on the environment, which has become her area of expertise. We need to elect someone with broader experience to serve on the Board of  Supervisors, who has proven he can  fulfill a commitment to a full term in  office, and has earned a promotion.

Steve Barr is that candidate.

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  1. Dave Roberts says:

    As this editorial points out, Burgis is ambitious and incapable of completing a term in office long enough to actually accomplish something. If she wins, don’t be surprised if she runs for Assembly in two years. That could be why Assemblyman Jim Frazier is endorsing Steve Barr.

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