Former Supervisor files complaint against Avila Farias for using public time for private purposes; she says she’s a contract employee

By Allen Payton

Former Supervisor Tom Powers chose a trick rather than a treat for candidate for District 5 Supervisor, AnaMarie Avila Farias, on Halloween. In an email on Monday, October 31st, Powers provided a copy of a letter regarding a “Timecard Fraud Complaint Sent to District Attorney’s Office – Misuse of Taxpayer Funds to Be Investigated” against the Martinez Councilwoman. da-complaint-re-avila-farias-10-31-16

His email message read:

“Today I personally delivered the attached letter to District Attorney Mark Peterson’s office (at 3:18 pm PST) requesting an official investigation in to Anamarie Avila Farias’s official use of her time and resources at her Section 8 government job at the Contra Costa Housing Authority.

It has been brought to all of our taxpayers’ attention that on numerous times her officially signed government timecard indicates she has been at work, being paid by taxpayers to be at work, but Ms. Farias has actually been elsewhere conducting her own personal business. In fact, one of the weeks she officially signs her timecard saying she is at work, her Facebook Posts (since deleted) actually indicate she is out of the country in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Using government time or resources for personal purposes is unlawful and, on behalf of County taxpayers, I am asking the District Attorney’s Office to conduct a full investigation of Ms. Farias’ potential misuse of taxpayers funds.”

In addition, Powers provided additional documentation to support his complaint.

When asked for a comment on the complaint, Avila-Farias responded with the following statement:

“When the political machine is threatened, they strike out like a cornered snake. This filing with the District Attorney is an attempt at an October surprise, trying to entice this law enforcement agency to back up their bogus claims.

Tom Powers, a longtime Contra Costa County power broker who is actively defending the incumbent Supervisor Federal Glover because he fears the loss of control if the Board of Supervisors is governed by the people and for the people.

False and misleading attacks like this have no place in our county’s campaigns.

I am an Independent Contract Employee. My job demands a non-traditional, flexible schedule. My hours are my own to determine. End of story.

My commitment, integrity and dedication to my job and hours worked to provide housing options for Contra Costa families has never been questioned by my employer.

This is a non-story generated by the sleazy political machine in this county desperate to protect their longtime champion – Supervisor Federal Glover. They want to talk about anything other than Federal Glover’s vote to increase his own pay 33%, lack of engagement in the District and his consistent support for insider deals for Contra Costa County contractors.”

The election is next Tuesday, November 8th.

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2 Comments to “Former Supervisor files complaint against Avila Farias for using public time for private purposes; she says she’s a contract employee”

  1. Bill Schilz says:

    This is a pure act of desperation in Glover’s camp!Early on when Anamarie declared her candidacy, Glover called and tried to talk her out of running. He told her if she waited 4 years, he’d support her, but she didn’t go along with Federal’s plan! She ends up doing really well in the primary and now they’re in a heated battle that has scared Federal and his good ‘ole boys so much, they are playing the dirtiest game possible. They’ve lied left and right, so much that the Mayor and a Councilmember in Martinez had to repudiate the claims being made in the notorius political hack, Mary Jo Rossi’s hit piece mailers. Several other councilmembers and a State Assemblymember denounced having their picture and endorsement included on mailers.

    So I want you to see just how desperate they are… they use the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to request all of Anamarie’s timecards at work and the County provided them. Then, they went through each timecard and compared it to her Facebook timeline to see what she was doing that day. They found 5 days where she had hours on her timecard and posts that she was in Canada. So they jump for joy and think they have caught her redhanded cheating on her timecard and march down to the DA’s office to ask for an investigation. They’re really proud of themselves, but in the end, they are a bunch of imbeciles!

    What they failed to take into account is that Anamarie does accrue vacation and is a “contract employee” where she has flexible hours and no set schedule. Under the law, she can work anytime she wants and the County can’t dictate when she comes and goes as long as she gets her assignments done! It also explains why Doug Stewart of Contra Costa Homeless Outreach frequently got calls from Anamarie at 8, 9, 10 & 11 PM about housing for the homeless. You see, Federal is snug in bed and Anamarie is working on County assignments! The trip to Canada was vacation she took and rightly earned.

    Federal Glover and his entire camp should be ashamed of their outrageous behavior and each of us as constituents deserve better than this. If you are like me and sick and tired of the filthy politics and slimy negative mailers, I’ll be voting for Anamarie Avila Farias for District 5 Board of Supervisors and putting an end to Garaventa, Hall and all of the other cronies’ disgusting behavior!

  2. Sue says:

    I agree! Why are all these power brokers and wanabees so threatened? Because power comes with control of the seat. I am really afraid now, of what it is that I don’t know about what this politician has been engaged in. It seems as though retaining this seat is really worth a lot of money!!

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