Council candidate writes to criticize new Antioch marketing video


I just got through reviewing the latest marketing video for Antioch. This is getting ridiculous.

Walnut Creek for your shopping? We have many businesses here in Antioch that provide a wide selection of goods and services. In fact, is that not our plan to bring more business here? Now the City tells the public they can head to Walnut Creek to spend money. Absurd.

I am trying to bring new business here to Antioch and how is that possible? We could be saying how we have room for new business, looking for new business, want new business and support new business. I am sure this video was not free to create and produce. Did you notice Tiffany and Co. is shown? Come on folks, really? This image is just so far-fetched and removed from reality. I am disappointed that we continue to present a video of our City as just “parks, parks, parks”.

We should have included a map to Walnut Creek. Then they can bypass Antioch altogether. Wow.

Frederick Rouse


2 Comments to “Council candidate writes to criticize new Antioch marketing video”

  1. Mary Chapman says:

    Great observation Fred….the one that slays me is the image of the beautiful condos across from the Senior Center transposed on the vacant lot.

  2. Susana Williams says:

    I just had an opportunity to view this video — my questions are… who paid for this? How much did we pay for this? Who the h*ll approved this?

    The production quality is poor – the overhead shots are really bad – they make the City’s waterfront and marina look horrible. The voiceover is bad…zero enthusiasm in the voice and it’s one long monotone dialogue:( We have great national stores/restaurants right here in Antioch and in neighboring Brentwood…. why not show Trader Joes and Sprouts… those are going to matter more to people than Tiffany’s…seriously… who is in charge of our marketing these days? This should have been a lifestyle video – showing off the best of Antioch and it’s the opposite of that. And… does anyone in our City ever get out of the office and sit down with potential economic partners or…do they just mail a brochure and link to this crappy video?? We refuse to let our City continue to rely on housing developers to fund us…. we deserve better and this video sure isn’t that!!

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