Former Chamber staffer writes of how Sean Wright changed her mind about Antioch’s future


I have lived in Antioch since 1968. Although I am not a political person, I worked for the Antioch Daily Ledger for many many years. Working at the Ledger surrounded me with the news of the day and Antioch’s triumphs and missteps. Over the years, I formed an opinion that Antioch as a city, had missed too many opportunities and any opportunity for greatness. I loved my town, but I just felt that opportunities for Antioch were limited…until I went to work at the Antioch Chamber of Commerce.

I worked for Sean at the Antioch Chamber of Commerce from April, 2015 until April, 2016.

Sean changed my mind.

I had the opportunity to hear him speak on several occasions and to just talk with him about Antioch a few times in the office. He spoke with such vision and enthusiasm that I began to see that Antioch’s future is not limited by the past. Sean believes in the greatness of our town, he sees the good, he’s been working for years with business owners, educators and leaders for the good of Antioch.

I began to see Antioch through his eyes and it really changed the way I see my town.

I have already voted (absentee) and I absolutely voted for Sean Wright.

I would encourage you to visit his FB page and his website  and hear what he has to say.

Sean is not a politician looking for a stepping stone to what’s next. He’s a visionary without a personal political agenda. Sean has an Antioch agenda.

Thank you.

Janet Dossey


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