Murillo writes to explain his support for Wright for Mayor of Antioch


As we come to the stretch of this election, we as a community must think who brings our values to City Hall.

I ran my campaign literally and the reason why I suspended it was simple, folks. I knew from the polling numbers that I could not get to the winner’s circle.  When I announced my suspension, it was very difficult but I realized that I was taking from the only candidate that I didn’t want to take from. That is Sean Wright. I feared what happened in 2012 would happen again in 2016 where you the community was denied the leadership we should have received. If you are asking, what happened? Let me explain.

In 2012, we had four individuals who ran for Mayor: Wade Harper, Gary Agopian, Don Freitas, and Michael Leon. The results were Harper 12,594; Agopian 10,129; Freitas 6,329; and Leon 1,740. If Freitas hadn’t run or would have dropped from the race, Harper would have likely lost.

Based on the polls that I and another team conducted, the results this year would recreate what happened in 2012 – getting the wrong candidate in office. I personally feel it would be a disservice by staying in. I had numbers, folks but not enough to take me over the finish line. I can accept that.

We are down to two primary candidates, two contenders who are taking it to the finish line.  I spoke with both candidates and both have strengths but in the end, one must make a decision that is aligned to the principals that you, the community echoed to me in debates, emails and one-on-ones, and on social media.

I support Sean Wright due to the following reasons. He:

  • Understands the importance of fiscal management
  • Will work with Councilmembers to ensure that Measure O funds are collected
  • Will work with the Police Chief and Commission on innovative planning to reduce crime
  • Will bridge the walls that divide our community
  • Understands the need for Local Jobs
  • Will develop strategy that will address the homeless issue
  • Supports holding on new rezoning or new housing starts

Let’s not split the vote again and miss our opportunity for change.  Let’s make Antioch right again by voting the Wright way.

Gil Murillo


2 Comments to “Murillo writes to explain his support for Wright for Mayor of Antioch”

  1. RJB says:

    Wow. Very impressed with Murillo. Great integrity.

  2. Linda Soliven says:

    This is an issue that voters need to understand!!! My going house to house talking to neighbors and residents of Antioch are very appreciative to hear from us. So, please, Mr. Murillo, Join me in doing door-to-door canvassing to introduce Sean Wright, speak to how important it is that votes don’t get split.

    Contact Sean to get precincts that need walking and completing a survey. It’s fun to meet Antioch citizens who are so appreciative to have a real person to talk to. It says to them that their vote is indeed important.

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