Three fourth-generation Antioch residents write to support Turnage for Council

Dear Editor,

As fourth-generation Antioch residents, we would like to share why we are supporting and voting for Ken Turnage II for Antioch City Council.

We have had to watch our home town become plagued with crime, our neighborhoods overrun with blight, businesses closing all around us and a general feeling of not being safe.

We are unable to get the help we need because of a lack of city services, a shortage of police officers and any interest from our current city council members.

We can see hope in Ken Turnage.  He was raised in Antioch, owns and operates a local construction company that he worked at as a young kid.  He learned from the bottom up and has made it a successful business.  He has given his time, money and hard work in many aspects to help build up and support Antioch.  We have seen him at the city council meetings always taking an interest in what is happening with our city and always willing to help.  For this, he was named Citizen of the Year 2015.  He is raising his young family here so has a vested interest in our community.

Ken always has a smile on his face, pleasant to talk to and listens to other points of view keeping an open mind.  His campaign has been positive and supportive of other candidates and without any negative comments.

It is time to move out of the past. Let’s put in new city council members from top to bottom who have bright, new innovative ideas.

This is what we want for Antioch.  We may not get the good ‘ol days back again but the days to come can be much better.

Thank You.

Verne Roberts

Peggy (Lawrence) Roberts

Susan (Jenkins) Williams


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  1. Dale says:

    Very will said and we agree that Ken would do a great job, and I knows he cares very much about Antioch. I lived in Antioch for 28 years starting in 1987, and it truly was a great place to live. We held out as long as we could and saw our neighborhood that was once clean and safe go down hill and neighbor after neighbor gave up and moved. We finally pulled the plug and moved last year. Make Antioch Great Again!

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