Tiered water rates still in effect in Antioch, restricted watering days no longer required

Some prohibited water activities still in effect

By Steve Duran, City Manager

Tiered water rates are still in effect and were calculated to reflect the cost of service to treat and deliver water to the community. These rates were developed independent of the drought status and will remain in effect. The State has officially declared the drought is over and removed the 25% statewide water conservation goal.

Beginning in June of this year, the City of Antioch is mandated to conserve water based on a three year projected “stress test” formula provided by the State. This will remain in effect until January 2017. Based on our results, we have a sufficient water supply for our water production rates and will not have a conservation target.

The City of Antioch is no longer requiring restricted watering days. We still encourage all conservation efforts where possible to protect our valuable resource. All of the “prohibited water activities” as outlined by the State are still in effect. This includes: washing off driveways and walkways, irrigating 48 hours after a measurable rainfall and irrigating in such a way that causes runoff to non-landscaped areas.

To see a complete list, search saveourwater.com or other similar websites on the California drought. Water customers did a fantastic job with their water conservation efforts. We were able to meet our State mandated goal of 28%.

Thank you all for the conservation efforts and success we achieved. Please continue to protect this precious and limited resource.

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