Contra Costa Sheriff warns of scam – suspect impersonating police officer

The Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff would like to call your attention to a scam. Although it is not anything new, it pops up every now and then and usually targets the elderly. Fortunately, the victim in the most recent case last week did not suffer any loss.

The suspect impersonates a Deputy Sheriff and tells people that they have missed jury duty and there is a warrant for their arrest.

The suspect goes on to say the warrant could be cleared by making a “green dot” payment at various local drug stores. There were two phone numbers associated with this scam and they have set up an automated voice message claiming to be the Sheriff’s Office. In another variation of this scam, the suspect tells people they have unpaid parking tickets that can be cleared by purchasing prepaid debit cards at stores.

These are scams. The Office of the Sheriff does not have people pay fines or fees by through reloadable prepaid cards. Furthermore, the public is never contacted in this way.

Anyone receiving such a call should refuse to provide any personal information to the caller or simply hang up. Please contact your local law enforcement agency and notify them of the incident.

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