Antioch Council to consider removing Thorpe from commission, he and his wife as Wilson’s Standby Council Members, Tuesday night

Will decide on argument against card room ballot measure, to make City Treasurer appointed position

By Allen Payton

Following the Antioch City Council decision, at their last meeting, to place a card room initiative on the June ballot, they will consider removing two of the three proponents from city positions. Lamar Thorpe and his wife Patrice Guillory are listed as proponents of the card room initiative and in a letter to the editor, Thorpe admitted he’s a leader in the effort. Thorpe is a member of the Antioch Economic Development Commission, and both he and Guillory were selected by Council Member Monica Wilson as two of her three Standby Council Members.

Also in Thorpe’s letter he stated that one of the council members had signed the petition to place the measure on the ballot. Wilson later revealed that she was the one who had signed the petition.

On Tuesday’s Antioch Council meeting agenda, item 7 is listed as “Council Member Wilson Alternates for City Council Service” and reads “It is recommended that the City Council receive Council member Wilson’s notice that she is removing Lamar Thorpe and Patrice Guillory as alternates to serve in her place on the City Council if she is unable to fulfill her duty as a City Council Member in times of declared emergencies.”

Standby Council Members or alternates serve in the place of elected City Council Members in times of declared emergencies when the Council Member is either dead or unavailable.

Wilson submitted a letter on Tuesday, February 16 stating “I am giving notice that as of today…Lamar Thorpe and Patrice Guillory are no longer my alternates for city council.”

Then, under item 8 of Tuesday night’s council meeting agenda, listed as “Removal of Economic Development Commission Member,” it reads “It is recommended that the City Council ratify Mayor Harper’s desire to remove Lamar Thorpe from the Antioch Economic Development Commission effective immediately.”

The city staff report states “Mayor Harper would like to have Lamar Thorpe removed from the Economic Development Commission due to Mr. Thorpe’s involvement with the Card Room Initiative, which is sponsored by the California Grand Casino in Pacheco, California and is in the electoral process in the City of Antioch.”

Both Wilson and Harper have announced their intention to run for County Supervisor in District 3 in the June election.

Also on the agenda, the Council will determine if it wants to submit an argument against the card room ballot initiative, as well as include a separate measure to change the City Treasurer’s position from elected to appointed. That move will save the city approximately $22,400 per year and is in response to a suggestion by current City Treasurer Donna Conley.

The Council meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers at City Hall, at 3rd and H Steet, and can be viewed on Comcast Local Cable Channel 24 or via live stream on the city’s website at

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