A New Chapter for Antioch’s Neighborhood Watch

Hans Ho speaks with volunteers.

By Dolly Ogawa-Amsk

On Saturday, March 10, the Parkgreen Circle Neighborhood Watch, had its second meeting, making the group official. Hans Ho, Antioch Neighborhood Watch Coordinator spoke to the group. He delivered hints on making your home and the neighborhood safer. “Never open the door to someone you don’t know. Let them know you are home. Antioch Police show a badge.” He went on to explain that there are safety steps you can take. One idea is planting bushes or plants outside windows. Rose bushes would make it more difficult for a burglar to enter through a window. Ho also spoke of the necessity of being able to describe a suspect. He had some interesting advice, especially about footwear. Sometimes criminals can shed a jacket, change their shirts but they don’t have time to change their shoes.

Ho has been a volunteer with the Antioch department for nine years, with a full time job. He is also an avid skier. “One of the best things about this is meeting people from all over the city.”

The crowd of concerned neighbors gathered in Knoll Park to share cookies, donuts, and soft drinks along with some facts about their goal to insure a safer, friendlier neighborhood. After the presentation two young men, Michael Jervoso and Elias Guevara, part of the group “Up From The Dust,” from the area, sang and entertained the neighbors with their guitars.

The Antioch Police Department and local citizens working together can make sure that the number of crimes committed is significantly reduced. On the other hand the police who have been informed of suspicious behavior have probable cause to stop a car or person and ask questions. Ho is available for presentations on several subjects including: Personal Security, Burglary, and Fraud.

For more information about a Neighborhood Watch on your block call 925-779-6980 or email: neighborhoodwatch@ci.antioch.ca.us


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2 Comments to “A New Chapter for Antioch’s Neighborhood Watch”

  1. Jim says:

    Kudos and THANK YOU to Mr. Ho for his dedication to this city. I wish we had 1,000 more people in Antioch like Mr. Ho. He’s putting his community before himself, and that is an admirable trait indeed!

    • karl says:

      i thank mr.ho too, but we do not need 1,000 more people, we just need a city council and city manager who care for their city.

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