Antioch Police introduces new tech to enhance customer service

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Beginning today, October 31, 2023, the Antioch Police Department will introduce a new technology to better serve our community needing police or emergency services. The Antioch Police Department will launch SPIDR Tech – a Versaterm Company – which is a fully automated system that provides callers pertinent information and updates about many incidents via text message or email.

When a community member requests police services from a SMS enabled phone, they should expect to receive a text message acknowledging their call for most incidents. In some cases, a delay may occur when a higher priority call comes in and the officer is diverted, or when the overall call volume creates delays. If the responding officer is delayed, an automated message will be sent to the caller letting them know.

After an incident is handled, the caller will receive a survey and can provide feedback on their experience with the call taker and officer. All automated messages and surveys will be available in both English and Spanish.

Additionally, callers can opt-in to receive news and updates from the Police Department about community events, road closures, and crime alerts. You can sign up to receive updates by texting (925) 568-7388 with the keyword APD.

Soon, the Antioch Police Department will enable additional features of SPIDR Tech which will allow crime victims to receive information on the status of their case.

About SPIDR Tech: SPIDR Tech, a Versaterm Public Safety company, was founded by former law enforcement officers to help police agencies leverage their own data to improve public perception and increase efficiency by providing excellent customer service. Following extensive market research, we designed and built the world’s first comprehensive customer service infrastructure for law enforcement with the goal of improving communication and transparency between agencies and communities. For more information, visit and

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