Young Antioch man among three arrested in Oakley for attempted Tuesday vehicle theft

Already bonded out of custody; others from Oakley, Brentwood 

Public advisory on keeping your vehicle safe

By Oakley Police Chief Paul Beard   

On July 25, 2023 at 6:10 PM Oakley Police officers were dispatched to the 200 block of Yellow Rose Circle for an attempted vehicle theft that had just occurred. The victim of the case interrupted the theft and the suspects fled the area. The victim followed the suspects and called us to provide details on what had happened and to update us on the whereabouts of the suspects. Our officers made contact with the suspects and stopped them. It was determined the suspects broke a window of the victim vehicle, which happened to be a Jeep equipped with a 6.4-liter engine. Also, in the suspects’ possession were blank, programmable Dodge key fobs.

There is currently a widespread problem, extending well outside of the Bay Area, involving Dodge/Jeep/RAM products that are primarily equipped with 6.4-liter engines. These products have become highly sought after by thieves for the purposes of using them in exhibition of speed events such as sideshows and these stolen vehicles have been known to be used to commit other crimes and they have often been documented to be involved in police pursuits.

A typical theft involves the suspects breaking a window to gain entry into the vehicle. The suspects then manipulate the vehicle into neutral so they can push it down the road a little ways. The thieves are equipped with a smart phone or tablet that allows them to tap into the onboard diagnostic electronics of the vehicle and they are able to manipulate the vehicle into starting up and driving away without the use of the actual electronic key that was supplied with the vehicle. Once the vehicle is in possession of the thieves they can program actual electronic keys to the vehicle and those keys can then be used just like the key that was supplied with the vehicle.

“I would normally not put such specific information out regarding the tactics and tools thieves use to steal because I do not want to be part of the “criminal education program”. This issue however, has become such a problem that I want potential victims to be aware of how vulnerable they are to this type of a theft. I encourage people with these types of vehicles to safeguard their vehicles by doing any one (or more) of the following:

  • Park in the garage
  • Equip your vehicle with battery disconnect devices (kill switch)
  • Use prominently displayed steering wheel locks
  • Use brake locks
  • If possible use another vehicle to block the preferred vehicle in place
  • Equip your home with legitimate security light/camera systems
  • Place hidden GPS devices in your vehicles (Apple air tags)

I am identifying the suspects in this case as Anthony Parson (21, of Oakley), Kyle Michael LaCosta Schmidt (20, born 1/20/2003 of Brentwood) and Brian Wayne Ray (20, of Antioch). All three suspects were booked into jail for this offense. Our investigators and the members of our Special Services Team are investigating this trio to see if their involvement goes into the much larger theft ring of these preferred vehicles, which again includes all 6.4-liter equipped Dodge/Jeep/RAM vehicles.

According to, Parson was also arrested by Contra Costa CHP on May 27, 2023 for DUI with Blood Alcohol Conent above. 08

According to the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office, LaCosta is 6’2”, Hispanic and was still in custody on Wednesday, being held on $20,000 bail. According to, LaCosta Schmidt was also arrested by Concord PD on May 29, 2021 for reckless driving.

According to the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office, Ray is White and bonded out of custody Wednesday night, July 26 at 10:43 p.m.

I will update the community on this issue if any developments occur. I know hard working residents buy their Chargers, Challengers, Hellcats, Scat Packs, Jeeps and RAMs to enjoy and use. I do not want your daily lives interrupted by criminal activity, I want you to continue to enjoy your vehicles so please take extra security measures as we work to determine the depth of this crime ring and work to bring it to an end. I highly encourage owners of these types of vehicles to contact their Dodge/Jeep/RAM dealer to get a RF Hub Module Software Update. I am informed this is the best factory preventative measure, for this problem, currently available.

Thank you and stay safe Oakley!”

Allen D. Payton contributed to this report.

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