Following battle with cancer, getting remarried owner gives Antioch’s top roofing company to employees

Dean Rogers (left) is giving his business to employees José Calderon (right) and Octavio Rios. Photos by Allen D. Payton

Dean Rogers’ life changed by God, retiring after 30 years in business

By Allen D. Payton

Antioch resident Dean Rogers is giving his business, Rogers Roofing, to his two long-time employees, Octavio Rios and José Calderon. It follows his recovery from terminal cancer last year, which took his right lung, being cancer-free for eight months and getting remarried last month.

Rogers said he wasn’t answering his phone for over a year and yet Rogers Roofing was still voted the best roofing company in Antioch in the 2022 People’s Choice Awards.

At 61, after 30 years in business, he’s decided to retire and turn over the company to Rios and Calderon who have been with him for 20 years. Rogers will continue to advise from behind the scenes. The new owners have agreed to service the warranties of existing customers as they continue to grow the business with new ones.

“We built a reputation on quality, and it lasted. It does work,” Rogers stated.

He then shared of his experience with lung cancer.

“When I was facing cancer and possibly dying, I was never afraid,” Rogers shared. “Pastor Ron (Bowman) said that’s because ‘faith overcomes fear’. I always believed in God. But until I was faced with terminal cancer, I was forced to look at my relationship with God and I felt immediately the light come through There’s definitely a God. Jesus is my Savior.”

“Good people don’t go to heaven. Forgiven people do,” he stated. “So, I ended up witnessing every day to my nurses. I was reading little devotionals. When I was on the respirator, I would ask them to read to me.”

He was at UCSF Medical Center for 11 days. Rogers experienced four setbacks including sepsis and pneumonia. They removed his right lung, both chambers, he shared.

“Now, my mission is to spread the Good News. I never miss a chance to witness,” Rogers shared. “Love is a gift from God. God is good. God is love.”

“I’ve learned how to do everything including golfing, I just have to really monitor myself,” he explained. “

Kim and Dean Rogers celebrate after their wedding officiated by Pastor Ron Bowman on June 30, 2023, at the Lone Tree Golf & Event Center

As part of starting his new phase of life, Rogers just got remarried on June 30th after dating his fiancé, Kim Bloom for the past eight years.

“We met at a Brentwood park, where I was walking my dog,” he shared.

The wedding was held at Lone Tree Golf & Event Center and officiated by Pastor Ron Bowman of Antioch Covenant Church, which is located at 1919 Buchanan Road in Antioch, Rogers wanted readers to know.

New Owners

Calderon, from Oakley, and Rios, of Riverbank, will be partners under the new ownership for the company.

“I wasn’t surprised,” Calderon said. “It’s been something we’ve been thinking about for a long time. We look forward to taking over and making it what it used to be – good roofs and good work.”

Asked why he’s giving them his business instead of selling it Rogers said, “Because they helped me build the company and so my past customers can be taken care of and future customers.”

“The plan is to start slow keep on doing good work and see what the future brings,” Calderon stated. “We’re not looking to get too big.”

“As an owner operator you’re getting both the family-friendly service and experience,” Rogers added. “Quality is what we’ve been looking for from the beginning. It’s paid off. What lasted? Quality.”

“I’m proud of this community, I’ve contributed as I can and I’m not leaving. We’re a part of Antioch. Just like Jimmy Bean and Eddie Beaudin, who have been good examples to me.”

Customers can still call the company at (925) 706-9396.

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