Dozier-Libbey Medical High School graduates 153 in Class of 2023

The Dozier-Libbey Medical High School Class of 2023 graduates turn their tassels to end the commencement ceremonies on Thursday, June 8, 2023. Photos by Allen D. Payton

By Allen D. Payton

After the 153 graduates of Dozier-Libbey Medical High School’s Class of 2023 filed into the Deer Valley High quad amphitheater to the traditional sounds of Pomp and Circumstance, senior and fellow graduate Rosaly Crisp sang the National Anthem and ASB President Arana Amin led the Pledge of Allegiance. Principal Karen Clark then introduced local dignitaries, including school board Trustees Gary Hack, Mary Rocha and Antonio Hernandez, and Superintendent Stephanie Anello.

The DLMHS grads enter the Deer Valley quad amphitheater to Pomp & Circumstance on Thursday, June 9, 2023.

“It’s a great day to be back at Dozier Libbey Medical High School but it’s an even better day to be graduating,” said Area 1 Trustee Hernandez, a Class of 2012 alum of the school, during his opening remarks.

He was followed by Commencement Speaker and Class of 2023 graduate Briana Galindo.

Senior Class President Saniya Maka leads her classmates in the turning of the tassels. Commencement speaker Briana Galindo shares her thoughts.

“We learned to be creative…and stay strong during times of uncertainty,” she said about their experience during distance learning of the COVID pandemic.

“Class of 2023, these past four years we’ve all grown as individuals. We’ve embraced the values we were taught from the beginning,” Galindo continued. “Dozier-Libbey prepared us. Let these four years be the foundation of what we can do and what we are capable of. I’m proud of you all. We will continue to persevere, chase our ambitions and become the change makers.”

In closing she thanked their teachers and parents.

Vice Principal Mark Libbey reads the graduates’ names. Principal Karen Clark addresses the Class of 2023.

After the presentation of the Class of 2023 by Principal Clark, she spoke of the students’ experience during distance learning.

“The challenges…you’ve faced have forever shaped all of us…managing your own time,” she said. “Together we conquered many, many obstacles.”

“It is our hope that DLMHS has instilled the qualities of compassion, empathy and understanding… navigating the complex career of healthcare or any other career you will pursue,” Clark added.

Many of the grads decorated their caps with special messages.

Superintendent Anello accepted the class having completed the graduation requirements of the Antioch Unified School District and State of California. “Henceforth you are to be considered graduates and alumni of Dozie-Libbey Medical High School. Congratulations,” she said.

The grads cheer on their classmates as they receive their diplomas.

As their names were read by Principal Clark and Vice Principal Mark Libbey, the son of one of the namesakes of the school, the graduates were presented their diplomas by Trustees Hernandez and Rocha.

Valedictorian Aimee Elizabeth Albanese receives her diploma from Trustee Antonio Hernandez. Salutatorian Tyson Jade Lee receives his from Trustee Mary Rocha.

Class President Saniya Maka led her classmates in the turning of their tassels and the graduates celebrated, hugged and tossed their caps in the air as their family and friends cheered and the song Don’t Stop Believing by Journey played during the recessional.

The DLMHS Class of 2023 grads celebrate their shared accomplishment.

See video of the graduation ceremonies on the AUSD YouTube Channel.

Congratulations, graduates. Make Antioch proud!

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DLMHS 2023 grads turn tassels

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