413 Antioch High Class of 2023 grads celebrate

The Antioch High School Class of 2023 grads celebrate on Friday morning, June 9, 2023. Photos by Selena Cedano.

By Selena Cedano & Allen D. Payton

The 413 graduates of the Antioch High School Class of 2023 celebrated with their family and friends inside Eells Stadium Friday morning, June 9. They filed in to the traditional sounds of Pomp and Circumstance followed by a performance by the Music Masters, led by Director Katelyn Mason, of the National Anthem and “Not to Say Goodbye”.

The AHS Class of 2023 grads enter Eells Stadium to the sounds of Pomp & Circumstance.

ASB President, and 2022 Antioch Youth of the Year, Mateo Ismael Castro offered welcoming remarks. “Just remember, even though we go our separate ways we remain in each other’s hearts and always hold the ones you love in your heart. Hold them dearly,” he said. “Cherish the people around you because tomorrow is not promised, and hate can’t be taken back. Always be kind, hug each other and love one another. Laugh with your loved ones. Take breaths, smile when you can and always tell that person you love them. Never stay mad at each other because tomorrow everything can be gone.”

ASB President Mateo Ismael Castro welcomes all to the commencement, first year Principal John Jimno addresses his first graduating class and Superintendent Stephanie Anello accepts the graduates on behalf of the school board.

He was followed by Principal John Jimno in his first year in the position.

“Keep going in life. We are so proud of your achievements and accomplishments throughout these past years,” he shared.

Valedictorian Ruben Sandoval Ruiz offered encouraging comments to his classmates.

“Stand together through tough times,” he said. “Be your best self. Love yourself. Take challenges. Be brave.”

AHS Class of 2023 Valedictorian Ruben Sandoval Ruiz and Salutatorian Zachary David White speak to their classmates.

Salutatorian Zachary David White reflected on their four years in high school.

“The pain of the pandemic made us. The growth changed us,” he stated. “Stay positive in life even when it’s hard.”

The grads celebrate as they receive their diplomas.

Area 5 Trustee Mary Rocha officially acknowledged the class on behalf of the school board.

“Life is full of surprises. Take it as it comes. Be wise”, she said.

Before accepting the class for meeting the state and district requirements to graduate, Superintendent Stephanie Anello said, “No dream or goal is ever too big for what you can accomplish. Think big. Reach high.

Several graduates decorated their caps with special messages.

Senior Class President Carol Cervantes spoke last before leading the graduates in the turning of their tassels. “When we are down in our time of need, be a friend,” she said. “Be kind in a big world.”

The graduates then celebrated their shared accomplishment with hugs and a few tossing their caps, as family and friends cheered.

See video of the graduation ceremonies on the AUSD YouTube Channel.

Congratulations, graduates. Make Antioch proud!

The AHS Class of 2023 grads celebrate with family and friends following the ceremonies.

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AHS grads celebrate with family & friends

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AHS grads celebrate their diplomas

AHS Class of 2023 Valedictorian & Salutatorian speak

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AHS Class of 2023 grads enter Eels Stadium

AHS Class of 2023 grads celebrate

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