Beachfront property Rancho Gaspareño for sale near Cabo, Baja, Mexico

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Rancho Gaspareño is a 47-acre, beachfront development property north of Cabo San Lucas, Baja, Mexico that stands as a tribute to the grand Manila galleons that sailed between Acapulco and The Philippines for two centuries. From exotic spices to luxurious silks, these majestic ships brought an array of coveted treasures in their voyages from East to West – goods which now make up some of our oldest historical legacies!

The hills and rocks of Rancho Gaspareño have captivated the imaginations of treasure seekers since long ago. Where some hear tales, kids from neighboring schools embark on an annual classic adventure to explore its winding cave with a glimmering hope that pirate booty lies in wait for them! In 1974 construction workers stripped away even more mystery when they uncovered a trove believed to be filled with plunder – fueling further dreams and inspiring future expeditions hoping for similar rewards.


Approximately forty-two acres of gentle sloping land on the Pacific Coast of Mexico between Todos Santos, (20 miles) and Cabo San Lucas, (21 miles) Baja California Sur. Approximately 414 meters (1,242 lineal feet) of rocky point and gentle beach comprise the water frontage. The federal four lane Highway 19, runs through the property creating three distinct development areas; a knoll above the rocky point for boutique hotel and restaurants; gentle sloping land from beach to highway ideal for shopping village or other commercial venture; and approximately twenty-four acres across the highway with sloping water and mountain views, ideal for residential or retirement village and small emergency clinic.

Since it is located between the two population centers of Todos Santos and Cabo San Lucas it is ideal for development as a destination resort. This property is perfect for major tourism development or a continuing care retirement community with lodging, commercial center and highway clinic. 

It is listed at $11.95M for the waterfront lot, $4.75M for the mountain side lot and $13.95M for both lots by former Antioch Real Estate Broker Cyndi Williams of Ronival Real Estate. She’s lived in Cabo San Lucas selling real estate for more than a decade and is a local expert.


The Ocean front lot is a magnificent property with over 17 acres of stunning land and 1000 feet of water frontage. Crowned by the awe-inspiring 100ft rock promontory that towers above the sea, this prime piece offers unparalleled views spanning many miles in either direction. It’s no wonder it would make an excellent setting for a hotel plus restaurants and other leisure facilities – all easily accessible via good highways alongside generous parking space!


The Mountainside lot boasts approximately 24 acres of land with breathtaking views overlooking the sea and a gentle slope that provides great panoramic vistas to both sides; this picturesque piece of property is ideal for developing a residential community.

Offering various amenities like community center for arts and music activities, multimedia room, fitness area swimming pools & dog park plus many more! Embrace an active lifestyle in harmony with nature at your new home by the seaside.


Due to the large amount of pirate activity in the area of this prime oceanfront land in Baja Sur in the 16th and 17th century, it is a well-known legend that pirate treasure can be found buried in the cave below the promontory. Schools from as far away as La Paz schedule annual visits to explore the cave and Rancho Gaspareño. Punta El Gaspareño was named after a Spanish Galleon that went aground off of the point in foul weather.

But the treasure has yet to be discovered!

It is well documented history that notorious pirates roamed, sailed and plundered in the cape area of this prime oceanfront land in Baja Sur for almost 300 years. During these periods pirates were mainly of Dutch, Spanish, English, Chilean origin. In the periods from the mid 1500’s to the 1800’s over 250 Spanish Galleons loaded with their super cargos of various valuables from the Philippines (named Manila Galleons), passed through and stopped in the cape areas to prepare for their trips to Acapulco, the headquarters for new Spain and then on to Spain. Many tales of fighting and plundering are well documented in history. As recent as 1974 while building the road to Pichelinque, the out-of-town road to the ferry terminal near la Paz, a pirate chest of plundered loot was discovered by road workers.

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The property is located at Km. 83.5 Carretera Federal – Todos Santos in Cabo San Lucas.

Interested parties please contact Cyndi Williams at or +52 624-158-8650.

See property brochure.

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