$14.8 million of illegal marijuana seized during Wednesday raid in Antioch

CA Dep’t of Fish & Wildlife officers seize and dump illegal marijuana from a home on Mammoth Way in Antioch, Wednesday morning, Dec. 20, 2022. Photos by Allen D. Payton

Four homes raided, three on same street

By Allen D. Payton

Over $14.8 million worth of illegal marijuana was seized during a raid of four homes in Antioch on Wednesday. According to David Hafner, spokesman for the California Department of Cannabis Control  (DCC), “as a result of the four enforcement actions yesterday in Antioch, 16,614 plants, 674 pounds of processed flower, $14,818,650 – total estimated value of all the unlicensed cannabis products seized, and $11,725 of cash.”

Trays of illegal marijuana plants seen in the main garage of one home on Mammoth Way, were confiscated by officers and dumped into a trailer along with bags of marijuana materials from a side garage.

“Four people were cited and released,” he shared including a man and a woman who were occupants of a home on Mammoth Way, one of the four raided. They include two other homes on Mammoth Way and one on another nearby street. The identities of those cited was requested but not provided as of publication time.

The raid was assisted by Antioch Police and Department of Fish and Wildlife officers, as well as Antioch Code Enforcement.

Cannabis Control, Fish and Wildlife and Antioch Police officers and vehicles at the scene of one of four raids of illegal marijuana grows on Wednesday.

At the Mammoth Way home both Cannabis Control and Fish and Wildlife Officers could be seen carrying out trays of small plants from the garage and inside the house, and large bush-size plants from inside.

Front door of one Mammoth Way home was kicked in during the raid.

“Wow,” one of the Cannabis Control officers at the Mammoth Way home could be heard saying after seeing all the plants in the garage. “As far as the count goes it’s going to be a big number”.

Another Cannabis Control officer confirmed. Asked how many plants were being seized he responded, “Almost 11,000 plants in this one house.”

The door of the one Mammoth Way home was kicked in during the raid. Code Enforcement then red tagged the homes and cannot be occupied. Neighbors of the Mammoth Way home who were watching the raid said the occupants, a man and a woman, had lived there for two to three years. Asked if they thought something might be occurring at the house one of the neighbors said, “I could smell marijuana sometimes but since it’s legal wasn’t sure if it was someone smoking.”

This is the second raid on homes for illegal marijuana in Antioch, this year. In August and September, 17 warrants were served and 10,451 unlicensed indoor cannabis plants worth $7.3 million, $23,355 in cash and six guns were confiscated. (See related article)

The DCC is the California state agency that licenses and regulates cannabis businesses. DCC regulates the:

  • Growing of cannabis plants
  • Manufacture of cannabis products
  • Transportation and tracking of cannabis goods throughout the state
  • Sale of cannabis goods
  • Events where cannabis is sold or used
  • Labeling of goods sold at retail

Confiscated marijuana plants from the first enforcement activity in Antioch on Dec. 20, 2022, fill the trailer. Photo by David Hafner

Illegal marijuana plants in the garage of one of the four homes raided on Tuesday. Photo by David Hafner.

Illegal marijuana plants inside one of the four homes raided on Tuesday. Photo by David Hafner.

Photo by David Hafner.

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