Two of three cousins injured in after school Antioch car crash require wheelchairs, therapy during recovery

Upper left photo (l-r): Siblings Mason Hanlin, Gianathon Vincent. Upper center: Mason. Upper right: Gianathon. Lower left: Mason,  Gianathon and Cheyenne. Lower right: Cheyenne Comfort. Photos provided by the family.

Family provides update

By Allen D. Payton

Cheyenne Comfort and Mason Hanlin, two of the three 12-year-old children, who along with their cousin, Gianathon Vincent, were stuck by a car as they walked home from school on Friday, Sept. 16, 2022, are recovering from their injuries. (See related article)

Gianathon was later removed from life support and passed away, according to a KTVU Fox2 news report.

An update was provided Monday evening on the surviving siblings by their great aunt, Veronica Finley.

“Mason requires a wheelchair following the needed surgery to try and repair the damage done to his right leg that is now casted from his hip to his foot,” she shared. “He also underwent skin grafts needed to repair the damage to his face.”

“Cheyenne also relies on a wheelchair and use of a walker but struggles and needs assistance due to fractures to her hip and pelvis,” Finley continued. “The bleeding in her brain seems to have stopped, and her skull fracture is healing but suffers from severe headaches.”

“They have begun therapy for their injuries but it’s too soon to tell their prognosis or any other damage the accident may have caused,” she explained. “Psychologically, they are extremely traumatized by the death of their brother, the pain they are having to endure and this entire experience. They’ve also begun therapy to try to help them cope and deal with this life changing incident and all of this, as best as they can.”

“As soon as I have more information on Gianathon’s celebration of life I will let you know,” Finley added.

The Comfort-Hanlin-Vincent family, including (l-r) Mason Hanlin, Cheyenne Comfort, mother, Jami Hanlin, father, Johnny Comfort and Gianathon Vincent, with the two younger children. Source: GoFundMe

A GoFundMe page has been set up for the family to help with expenses. The goal is $70,000 and as of Monday, Oct. 10th, the effort is more than half way to the goal.

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