Contra Costa Elections Division’s official test results in 100% ballot count accuracy

22,000 ballot cards included with 167 “unique combinations of contests”

By Allen D. Payton

On Friday, Oct. 14th, the Contra Costa County Elections Division performed the official logic and accuracy testing on their central ballot counting and processing equipment. Logic and accuracy testing is a standard pre-election procedure. The test is designed to confirm that all central count equipment is in working order and functioning properly. A set of test ballots was run through each scanner to ensure they are properly programmed and operating as expected.

Questions were sent to the Elections Division staff asking about the results of the test.

Helen Nolan of the County Elections Office responded, “Our logic and accuracy testing on Friday went very well. We scanned 22,000 ballot cards, which were a mix of pre-printed test ballots, hand marked test cards, ICX (Ballot Marking Device) ballots, RAVBM ballots, and MBP printed ballot cards. Our test decks were comprised of 167 different patterns for each ballot type (unique combination of contests, candidates, and rotations). These test ballots come to us with an expected set of results.  

700 ballot cards were adjudicated in order to test each ‘out-stack’ condition (blank card, overvoted contest, indeterminate marks, and write-in positions) to ensure the scanners were accurately identifying those ballots with those pre-indicated conditions.

Our end results matched 100%, meaning after all test ballots were scanned and adjudicated, we found our test results matched the predetermined expected results with 100% accuracy.”

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