Book signing by author, wife of Pittsburg’s Olympic Gold Medalist Eddie Hart Saturday, Aug. 27

“I Remember ‘72” offers her perspective of what happened to cause Fastest Human, World Record Holder to be disqualified

By Allen D. Payton

Following publication of the book “Disqualified” by Pittsburg resident Eddie Hart and longtime Bay Area sports reporter Dave Newhouse about Hart’s experience leading up to and at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, Germany, his wife, Gwendolyn “Gwen” Hart has penned her own book to offer her perspective. (See related article)

In her book entitled “I Remember ’72: The Road to Munich (My Voice)” Gwen, wife of the Olympic Gold Medalist, World’s Fastest Human at the time, and World Record Holder, speaks from a woman’s point of view. After 50 years of silence, she now voices her held in feelings of what happened to her then boyfriend, now husband on the 50th anniversary of the 1972 Summer Olympics.

About The Book

As it has been said, behind every great man stands a strong woman. I Remember ’72, The Road to Munich (My Voice) tells that kind of story of love, admiration, anger and frustration through shared life experiences of a woman standing, not necessarily behind, but beside her man. It’s the perspective of a supportive girlfriend, then wife, of the life, tragedy experienced, and dignity displayed by the one-time, Fastest Man in the World and Olympic Gold Medalist, Eddie Hart. The book adds her own life experiences – telling the story of how they came to be, and her own reaction to that fateful day at the 1972 Olympic Summer Games – to the story Eddie tells in his own book, Disqualified.

It’s a fun, real-life, yet serious story, of two Godly people, working through the good times and tough times, enduring, and outlasting them both. The two books must be read together to fully understand what it is to be someone who rose to the pinnacle of his craft, to only have his dreams dashed, and for her, half a world away, not able to do much but watch, listen, pray and be there for him when he returned. It’s a story of enduring love with life lessons for us all to learn and apply to our own lives.

Get an autographed copy of Gwen Hart’s book and meet Eddie Hart on Saturday, August 27 at 1 p.m. at the Pittsburg Historical Society Museum located at 515 Railroad Avenue.

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