Velasquez, Reeder, Bohard win Opening Night of Dwarf Car Nationals at Antioch Speedway

Southern California competitor Tommy Velazquez III #14e turned in a strong performance in winning the Pro Dwarf Car Main Event. Photo by Katrina Kniss

Newton, Baugh also win; Arriaga disqualified for unsportsmanlike conduct after his race; races continue tonight!

By Candice Martin, DCRR Racing Media

Antioch, CA…July 15…Tommy Velasquez III won the Pro Dwarf Car 20 lap Main Event Friday night at Antioch Speedway. This was the opening night of the WSDCA Dwarf Car Nationals, hosted by the local Delta Dwarf Car Association. Velasquez is part is part of the Southern California Dwarf Car Association, which was recently reformed by his family. The Top 10 finishers in each of the Dwarf Car categories automatically qualified for Saturday’s Fast Dashes to set the first five rows of Saturday’s Main Events.

Velasquez charged into the early lead ahead of Chance Russell and Chris Kress. However, a low pass in Turn 4 on Lap 3 gained Adam Teves second from Russell. Michael Tobiason gained third on the sixth lap and started pressuring Teves for second. Tobiason made that pass on Lap 11. By the 16th circuit, Tobiason was challenging Velasquez for the lead, and a yellow flag waved for Anthony Pope in Turn 3 on Lap 18. Velasquez led Tobiason and Danny Wagner on the restart, and they finished in that order with Adam Teves and Michael “Spanky” Grenert rounding out the Top 5.

Shannon Newton #2n fired up his Wingless Spec Sprint championship hopes with his third Main Event win of the season. Photo by Katrina Kniss

2019 Wingless Spec Sprint champion Shannon Newton kept his championship hopes alive with the 20 lap Main Event win. Official decisions elevated him from a second-place finish. For most of the race, recent Sonny Calkins Memorial winner Shawn Arriaga was leading in the Dave Johnson owned car.

Arriaga took the early lead ahead of Newton, and a yellow flag waved on Lap 6 for incoming point leader Zack Neeley, who retired at that point. Arriaga led Newton and Nick Larsen on the restart. Arriaga held a straightaway advantage over Newton by Lap 10, but he hit heavy traffic by Lap 14 as Larsen slipped past Newton for second. Larsen caught Arriaga quickly and contact from Larsen sent Arriaga spinning in Turn 2. Arriaga kept going with no yellow flag as Newton was second and Arriaga recovered in third. Larsen brought it home to the checkered flag but was penalized two positions for the contact with Arriaga that gained him the lead. This put Shannon Newton into the winner’s circle. Arriaga was disqualified for unsportsmanlike conduct after the race, elevating MacKenzie Newton to a career best second ahead of Larsen, Roy Fisher and James East.

Veteran point leader Mike Reeder #72n won his division’s preliminary Main Event. Photo by Katrina Kniss

Veteran division point leader Mike Reeder won their time-limit shortened 17 lap Main Event. Reeder took the early lead ahead of Jack Haverty and Eric Weisler. Haverty made a Turn 2 pass to claim the lead on Lap 2, but a bit of contact between Haverty and Reeder as they were working Lap 3 saw Haverty hit the Turn 4 wall for a yellow flag. Haverty was out, and Reeder led Weisler and Brian Quilty on the restart. They ran that way through the 10th lap, when Scotty Preast took third from Quilty. Reeder had a straightaway advantage wiped out by a yellow flag on Lap 12. Reeder led Weisler and Quilty on the ensuing restart. A yellow flag waved on Lap 15, and the drivers were warned that the next yellow flag would end the race. Reeder led Weisler on the restart. Quilty spun from his Top 5 position in Turn 4, and the yellow and checkered flags flew on Lap 17. Reeder got the win ahead of Weisler, Tony Margott, Stacy Woods and Ronnie Williams.

Southern California competitor Joey Bohard #15e won the Sportsman Main Event. Photo by Katrina Kniss

Joey Bohard won the 20 lap Sportsman Dwarf Car Main Event. Brenden Shrum started on the front row and took the early lead ahead of Kylee Johnson. Bohard slipped past Johnson for second on Lap 8 before a yellow flag waved for a Shrum spin. On the restart, Bohard moved into the lead with Sportsman point leader Dan Varner settling into second. Kinser Endicott made a big move around Johnson for third on Lap 11 and took second from Varner on the 16th lap. Endicott went low in Turn 4 on Lap 19 to briefly grab the lead, but Bohard came back strong with an inside move entering Turn 3 for the final time. Bohard made that pass and brought it home to victory ahead of Endicott, Varner, Johnson and Cody Shrum.

Jared Baugh #07 took the lead from Taylor DeCarlo and went on to win his first Pacific Coast General Engineering Hobby Stock Main Event. Photo by Katrina Kniss

Jared Baugh won the 20 lap Pacific Coast General Engineering Hobby Stock Main Event. It was his first career win. Top rookie Taylor DeCarlo charged into the early lead ahead of James Graessle. By the fourth lap, DeCarlo had nearly a straightaway advantage as Baugh was running in third. Baugh slipped past Graessle for second on Lap 6, and a yellow flag waved for Tyler Graves in Turn 4 on Lap 11. A bit of contact exiting Turn 4 on Lap 12 gained Baugh the lead with Kevin Brown moving into third, but a yellow flag waved. DeCarlo was restored to the lead, but Baugh and Brown again moved into first and second on the next restart. They finished in that order and point leader Misty Welborn made a late charge into the third with Grayson Baca settling for fourth, followed by Graessle.

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Unofficial Race Results

WSDCA Dwarf Car Nationals Night 1

Pro Dwarf Cars

Heat Winners (8 laps) – Chance Russell, Tommy Velasquez III, David Teves, Adam Teves. Main Event (20 laps) – Tommy Velasquez III, Micheeael Tobiason, Danny Wagner, Adam Teves, Michael “Spanky” Grenert, David Teves, Devan Kammeramann, Dylan Shrum, Ridge Abbott, Chuck Eaton.

Veteran Dwarf Cars

Heat Winners (8 laps) – Jack Haverty, Mike Reeder, Brian Quilty. Main Event (20 laps) – Mike Reeder, Eric Weisler, Scotty Preast, Tony Margott, Stacy Woods, Ronnie Williams, Steve Walker, Glenn Sciarani, Mark Biscardi, David Rosa.

Sportsman Dwarf Cars

Heat Winners (8 laps) – Brenden Shrum, Kylee Johnson. Main Event (20 laps) – Joey Bohard, Kinser Endicott, Dan Varner, Kylee Johnson, Cody Shrum, Teagan Fischer, Brenden Shrum, Isaak Geil, Ian Velasquez, Daniel Peters.

Wingless Spec Sprints

Heat Winners (8 laps) – Nick Larsen, Shawn Arriaga. Main Event (20 laps) – Shannon Newton, MacKenzie Newton, Nick Larsen, Roy Fisher, James East, Rick Panfili, Steve Maionchi, Zack Neeley, Jeff Scotto, Shawn Arriaga DQ.

Pacific Coast General Engineering Hobby Stocks

Heat Winners (8 laps) – Kevin Brown, Misty Welborn, Grayson Baca. Main Event (20 laps) – Jared Baugh, Kevin Brown, Misty Welborn, Grayson Baca, James Graessle, Michaela Taylor, Danny Aves, Colten Haney, Jake Archibald, Jess Paladino.

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