Rescued rare Torbie kitten Rico ‘Pocket Change’ Jones from the Yock needs a home

Rico ‘Pocket Change’ Jones from the Yock. Photos by Furry Friends Pet Relief

Has his own Facebook page!

By Erin Pina, Furry Friends Pet Relief

This little boy is “Rico ‘Pocket Change’ Jones from the Yock”. We rescued him from the local shelter. The special thing about him is that he is about a 1 in 3,000, some say 250,000, but I have been playing it conservative. He is special because of his coloring. Many cat colors are sex linked traits. Which means that females carry certain colors and males tend to carry other colors.

Rico is a Torbie which is a cross between a Tabby and a Tortoiseshell – the coloring itself it not seen too often. They usually have tabby stripes with black, brown and red tortoiseshell markings. The tortoiseshell color is a female color, but not for our little boy.

He is about 10 weeks old and has his own Facebook page.  Rico talks about how special he is and all kinds of fun facts that go along with it, such as, you are just as likely to be drafted into the NBA as you are to find a cat like him. If you ever get to the PGA tour and hit a Hole in One, you have about the same odds as finding one like him.

Torbies are thought to bring good luck, wealth, and protect you from bad storms and even ghosts.

This amazing little guy will be available for adoption through our organization in about a week.

Anyone interested in adopting can put in an application on our website at

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