Con Fire responds to 30 fires across the District Monday evening July 4 – nine known to be, majority suspected from fireworks

Firefighters extinguish fireworks on Monday night, July 4, 2022. Photos ConFire

Con Fire responded to some 30 fires across the District Monday evening, July 4. Of these, 9 are known fireworks caused with the vast majority of others suspected. Since the start of the holiday weekend Friday p.m., Con Fire responded to 70 fires, many caused by fireworks. #cccsafe4th

In the 10 p.m. hour, Con Fire firefighters responded to 11 grass and exterior fires involving palm trees, fences, yards & parks. Two of these known fireworks caused, remainder likely. At about 11:30 p.m. crews were on-scene at 7 separate fires across the District. #cccsafe4th

Confiscated illegal fireworks.

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Fireworks 070422 ConFire

Crew battling blaze 070422 ConFire

Tree on fire 070422 ConFire

Crew extinguishing fireworks 070422 ConFire

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