Annual Antioch Police Report shows murders, rapes up, overall major crime down 8.13% this year over 2021

Antioch Part I Crimes excluding arson 2012-21. Source: APD

Violent crime up 26% from 2020 to 2021, Priority 1 call response times increasing

By Allen D. Payton

Now that the effort to recall Mayor Lamar Thorpe has ended, he finally placed on the agenda the annual crime report during the Antioch City Council meeting on June 14, 2022. Interim Police Chief Steve Ford’s presentation that night shows murder in the city is up 400% with five this year versus one last year between Jan. 1 and May 31, and rapes increased by 380% to 24 this year versus five, last year during the same time period. However, the report shows overall major crimes decreased 8.13% in Antioch during the first five months of the year, with a total of 1,084 this year compared to 1,180 last year. In addition, while the report shows a 9.2% decrease in overall Part I crimes from 2020 to 2021, violent crimes increased 26%.

Major crimes that are reported to the FBI also include aggravated assault which was down 13.5%, with 193 this year compared to 223, last year; robbery, up 58% with 54 reported this year versus 34 last year; burglary down 30% with 109 vs. 139 this year over last; theft down 19% with 444 this year compared to 548 last year; auto theft up 13.1% with 242 cars stolen this year versus 214 last year; and arson down 13.3% with 13 this year versus 16 last year.

Violent Crime Increased During 2021 Over 2020

Regarding violent crimes, which include homicide, aggravated assault, rape and robbery, the report states, “Homicides have remained relatively consistent over the years, but aggravated assaults have increasingly dominated our violent crime numbers,” with 343 aggravated assaults out of 648 total violent crimes in 2019, 400 out of 592 in 2020 and 507 out of 693 in 2021.

Comparing statistics for 2021 to 2020 violent crimes increased 7% in Antioch from 648 to 693 with homicides up 20% with 12 versus 10, year over year, rapes decreased 2.5% from 40 to 39, robbery down 4.9% from 142 to 135, and increase in aggravated assaults by 27% with 507 in 2021 versus 400 in 2020.

There have been a few changes in the statistics from what is on the APD’s website to what was provided in Ford’s presentation.

According to Antioch Police Strategic Communications Officer Darryl Saffold, “The most current data is on our new crime statistics website (, as well as an explanation of the change from UCR to NIBRS and how that impacts our numbers. Additionally, I should note that none of the numbers are final until all of the reports for that time period have been audited and submitted to DOJ.”

“December 2021 data was just recently completed, 2022 crime data is all fluid and subject to change,” he continued. “We plan to update the website and adjust it monthly, in an effort to provide more ongoing transparency.”

“Regarding the 2020 data, we had to amend a couple reports after submission to the DOJ (i.e. one of our homicides was initially reported to UCR as justified, but it was not per UCR criterion; two aggravated assaults were reclassified as simple assaults),” Saffold explained further. “For 2020, the correct total for homicides was indeed 10 and the correct total for aggravated assaults was 400. The old website chart…for 2020 was created before these DOJ adjustments I have attached the new one and will update the one on the website.”

Average Response Times

The report also shows average response times reducing over the past nine years, but “2022 response times are slowly increasing, in part due to staffing shortage”. Priority 1 calls experienced an increase in average response times from 7 minutes 36 seconds in 2020, to 9 minutes 1 second so far in 2022.

Use of Force Stats

The report provides use of force statistics for 2021 and 2022. “In 2021, out of 89,016 calls for service, force was used to effect arrest in 111 incidents or in 0.125% of calls,” the report shows. Through May 2022, out of 649 arrests use of force was required four times or in just 0.616% of calls.

According to the report, actions compelling Uses of Force include “Active Aggression, Assault on Officer, Resisting Arrest, Non-Compliance and Armed Subject”. Types of use of force in 2021 included: OC Spray, Carotid, Flashlight, 40 mm ECW/Taser, K-9 Utilized, and Physical/Other.

Citizen Complaints

The report also includes statistics on Citizen Complaints against Antioch Police Officers from 2019 through May 2022. Because each complaint may have multiple allegations or

multiple employees involved and each employee may have multiple allegations, the number of allegations counted per incident and by employee is higher

than the total number of complaints and employees involved.

2019 – 26 Total Complaints with 35 allegations, 39 involved employees (or APD) with 89 allegations.

2020 – 24 Total Complaints with 39 allegations, 48 involved employees (or APD) with 117 allegations

2021 – 23 Total Complaints with 37 allegations, 39* involved employees (or APD) with 83 allegations

2022 – 2 Complaints for 2022 are being processed and pending*.

*The number of involved employees involved in complaints in 2021/2022 may change as pending investigations develop.

Community Engagement

Finally, the report shows the “Antioch Police Department supports proactive engagement with our community members through neighborhood meetings, annual events, youth outreach, demonstrations, forums, and social media.”

“In 2021, APD Officers participated in 683 Community Policing Activities” and “235…so far in 2022”. Those activities included Holiday Adopt a Family, Holiday Food Drive, Holiday Toy Giveaway, Halloween Trick-or-Treat, Birthday Parades, Citizen’s Academy, Youth Academy, Coffee with the Cops, Tip-A-Cop, Torch Run, Community Fundraisers and Bridging the Gap forums.

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