Don’t pass over Passover – authentic Community Seder in Brentwood Friday, April 15

Opportunity for a real delicious ‘Taste of Freedom’ for entire Jewish Community

Authentic Matzah – Great Company

For thousands of years Jews around the world have been celebrating our freedom from Egypt. Residents of the Delta Region are warmly invited to attend an authentic Passover Seder. All Jews, regardless of affiliation or background, are encouraged to participate in an evening replete with the Mah NishTanah, [four questions] traditional handmade matzah, four cups of wine, lively dialogue, and an exquisite three course kosher for Passover meal. The Passover Seder is on Friday April 15th.

The Seder will take participants through the wondrous liberation of our ancestors from Egyptian bondage, as well as help participants understand the Seder’s relevance to today’s Jew. This Seder is sure to provide an inviting atmosphere of warmth and acceptance.

“This Seder is an opportune time to bring unity to the community, and just get together to enjoy each other’s company,” says Mrs. Mashie Goldshmid “It’s the Seder that has kept families together for thousands of years.”

Passover teaches, inspires, empowers and challenges us to leave “Egypt” each day, from our self-imposed “slavery”. It illuminates how to subdue the “Pharaoh” within, i.e. the impulse to live a life which does not conform to who we truly are.

“This is an exciting opportunity to meet new people, share and enjoy really great food,” says Rabbi Peretz Goldshmid, Executive Director of Chabad of the Delta. “The Seder meal will be interactive, warm and vibrant, interspersed with lively discussion through group participation as well as individual involvement.”

Seder will take place on April 15th at 7:30 pm at the Brentwood Senior Center. 193 Griffith Lane. Please visit to  RSVP.

For further inquiries please call 925-420-4999 or email


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Don’t Pass Over Passover

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