San Francisco man arrested for illegal guns during traffic stop in Antioch Saturday

Illegal guns confiscated by Antioch Police Officer during arrest on Saturday, Jan. 22, 2022. Photo: APD

By Allen D. Payton

According to Antioch Police Department Strategic Communications Officer Darryl Saffold, Officer Milner made an arrest, today, Saturday, January 22, 2022, in which he recovered an AR-style pistol and another illegal firearm. The suspect arrested is Giovanni Garcia, 21 years old from San Francisco, who was taken to the Martinez Detention Facility.

Officer Milner observed a vehicle that was in violation of the California Vehicle Code in numerous ways and made a traffic enforcement stop in the 700 block of W. 18th Street to speak with the driver.

In addition to the traffic violations, Officer Milner noted the strong odor of smoked marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. In California it is illegal to smoke marijuana inside your vehicle while driving. Think of it the same way one would think about having an open container of alcohol while driving.  Milner had probable cause to search the car.

After the various vehicle code violations and the incense strength aroma of smoked marijuana that exited the car, imagine Officer Milner’s surprise when he searched the car and located multiple firearms.

Needless to say, the vehicle was towed, and the driver went to the county jail in what is another example of proactive policing leading to more guns being taken off our streets.

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