Contra Costa Supervisors to act on affordable housing, election campaign funding ordinances Tuesday

Will celebrate Inaugural Asian and Pacific Islander Lunar New Year, honor City of Antioch’s Sesquicentennial

By Daniel Borsuk

An ordinance concerning Contra Costa County’s affordable housing status and other proposed ordinances designed to boost election campaign funding for Supervisors and Non-supervisor candidates along with an Inaugural celebration recognizing the Asian and Pacific Islander New Year will be some of the Agenda Items the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors will either take action on or pay tribute to at a meeting on Tuesday, February 1.

The Supervisors will meet remotely, starting at 9:00 a.m.  Proceedings will be televised on Comcast Cable twenty-seven, ATT/U-Verse Channel 99 and WAVE Channel 32 and can be seen live online at

Public Hearing on Inclusionary Housing Ordinance

Supervisors will hold a hearing to determine if the county’s Inclusionary Housing Ordinance is “Consistent with the State’s definition of low-income household and qualifying income units and exempt community care facilities from the County’s Affordable Housing Requirements,” according to the report from the Contra Costa County Conservation and Development.

In effect since 2006, the proposed ordinance would align the County’s Ordinance with changes in the state’s definition of extended low, very low-, low- and moderate-income households and their respective qualifying income limits.

The proposed ordinance would exempt Community Care Facilities from the County’s Affordable Housing Requirements.

Election Campaign Ordinance

Supervisors will consider an Election Campaign Ordinance for Supervisorial and Non-supervisoral candidates increasing individual donations from $1,675 to $2,500.  The County’s Election Campaign Ordinance was first adopted in 1984 and was last revised in 2005.

The Election Campaign Ordinance also applies to other County Elected Positions such as Recorder-elections, Treasurer, Assessor, District Attorney, and Sheriff-Coroner.

A few weeks ago, when Supervisors first reviewed this ordinance, they had briefly studied the idea of raising donations to $5,000, the state limit, but decided to not go that route.

Inaugural Asian and Pacific Islander New Year Celebration

The Board of Supervisors will conduct their inaugural Asian and Pacific Islander New Year Celebration with Susan Kim, executive director of the Contra Costa Family Justice Center, and Professor Kent Wong, Director of the University of California Los Angeles Labor Center, as speakers.   The multi-cultural ceremony will feature dance, music, food, and unique customs of many of the Asian and Pacific Islander communities represented in Contra Costa County including Nepalese, Filipino, Chinese, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Laotian, Tai, and Indian communities.

“We want to recognize one of the most important celebrations for our Asian and Pacific Islander communities and dismiss monolithic stereotypes by featuring the diversity in our Asian communities,” said Board Chair, Supervisor Karen Mitchoff. “Contra Costa County will make history on the first day of this year’s Lunar New Year, February 1st, with the inaugural event as we honor and celebrate the many different Asian and Pacific Islander cultures and traditions. As an important and integral part of our County family, we celebrate the new year with you, and wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year!”

The Asian and Pacific Islander New Year Celebration will be shown at or The community can watch on Contra Costa Television (CCTV) Channels; COMCAST Cable 27.

Rodeo Senior Housing Project  

Supervisors will hold a hearing on a proposal to permit Conservation and Development Director John Kopchick to sign a Development and Loan Agreement between the County and La Loma Rodeo EAU LLC for the sale of county owned property at 710 Willow Ave. in Rodeo.

The Rodeo development calls for the construction of a PA 67-unit affordable unit senior housing project with community space. The developers will receive from the county a $4,450,000 loan from the Housing Succession Low Moderate-Income Funds for construction of the building. The County would sell the County-owned property to La Loma Rodeo for $980,000.

Will honor City of Antioch’s Sesquicentennial – 150th Anniversary

District 3 Supervisor Dianne Burgis who represents portions of Antioch, will present her resolution for adoption that recognizes the City of Antioch’s Sesquicentennial or 150th Anniversary of Incorporation. Antioch was founded as Smith’s Landing in 1849 when the twin Smith brothers purchased land from John Marsh, owner of Rancho Los Medano, who had constructed a landing on the San Joaquin River. Following the death of Reverend Joseph Horton Smith in 1850, the residents, under the leadership of Rev. William Wiggins Smith, gathered during the July 4, 1851 picnic and renamed the town Antioch after the biblical city in Syria where the followers of Christ were first called Christians.  The City of Antioch was incorporated on February 6, 1872, becoming Contra Costa County’s original city. (See related article)


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