Resume of interim Antioch city manager candidate released, refuses to explain discrepancy in titles

Excerpt from Cornelius Johnson’s Resume showing final position with the San Francisco Police Department of Night Supervising Captain. Source: City of Antioch

Con Johnson retired as a Lieutenant III but his resume shows last title of “Night Supervising Captain” without qualifying as an “acting” position; refuses to answer questions about it

Cornelious “Con” Johnson. Source: Mayor Lamar Thorpe’s Facebook page.

By Allen Payton

On Nov. 9, the Antioch City Council, on a 3-2 vote, approved the conditional hiring of Cornelius “Con” Johnson as the interim city manager, following City Manager Ron Bernal’s retirement at the end of December. The one condition is that Johnson successfully pass a background check. In response to a Public Records Act request by the Herald, Antioch City Attorney Thomas L. Smith released a copy of Johnson’s resume and cover letter to the city council. It shows Johnson lists his last position with the San Francisco Police Department as Night Supervising Captain from Feb. 2014 until the day he retired on July 1, 2016, without qualifying it as an “acting” position.

While he was paid a higher salary for that title, Johnson was never promoted to the position of captain and is being paid as a retired Lieutenant III according to David Ng, Senior Clerk of Personnel for the SFPD who said, “regarding Cornelius Johnson’s retirement, the highest ranking was lieutenant. The system shows lieutenant. The job code is Q62 which is lieutenant,” as previously reported. (See related articles here, here, here, and here)

Cornelius Johnson – Cover Letter Redacted       Cornelius Johnson – Resume Redacted

Leadership Experience

According to his resume, as Night Supervising Captain, Johnson wasresponsible for the managing and overseeing of the San Francisco Police Department resources, activities, operation between the hours of 1900 hrs to 0500 hrs. The Night captain is responsible for the planning, administering, directing, evaluating, and overseeing of activities of approximately 600 staff members (civilian personnel, patrol officers, sergeants and mid-level manager)”.

Prior to that, Johnson held leadership positions with the SFPD of Platoon Commander from Feb. 2010 to Feb. 2014; and Director of Community Policing from Jan. 2004 to F2010.

Not Hired as Bridging the Gap Forums Facilitator

Last year, Johnson applied to be the city council’s facilitator for the Bridging the Gap forums held late last year and early, this year. But the panel, which included Mayor Lamar Thorpe, City Manager Ron Bernal, Administrative Services Director Nickie Mastay and then-Chief Tammany Brooks, chose to hire a consulting firm, instead.

Johnson Refuses to Answer Questions

Previous efforts to reach Johnson were unsuccessful. In addition, he did not respond to a phone call or text to him on Tuesday, even though when this reporter who knows Johnson, saw and spoke with him recently, he agreed to respond.

Johnson was asked why his resume shows a title of captain, which is different than the title he retired at of Lieutenant III. Johnson was also asked if he was ever promoted to the position of captain or just acting captain for his final three years on the force. He was also asked if it is normal practice to use a title if the retiree was only serving in an acting role. Finally, Johnson was asked “why inflate your credentials when you don’t need to for the position of interim city manager when you have all the experience with the SFPD and your master’s in public administration?”

Johnson still had not responded prior to publication time at 6:40 p.m.

Please check back later for any updates to this report.

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Excerpt from Cornelius Johnson – Resume

Cornelius Johnson – Resume Redacted

Cornelius Johnson – Cover Letter Redacted

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