BART touts its top 21 accomplishments in 2021

2021 was the first full year we spent living in the midst of the pandemic. Despite the challenges, we accomplished many things to help serve the Bay Area.

Improvements to the Rider Experience:

Improvements to Personal Safety:

  • We launched our groundbreaking Progressive Policing Bureau that includes deploying Ambassadors and Crisis Intervention Specialists.
  • Our efforts to increase safety staff visibility is paying off with a 37% drop in violent crime in 2021 and 21% drop in crime overall- this comes as ridership has been increasing.
  • We launched the Not One More Girl campaign and changed our code of conduct policy to send a clear message that sexual harassment and gender-based violence has no place on BART.

Investments in Infrastructure:

  • We replaced 7.5 miles of track, 2 major interlockings, and 66 miles of power cables.

Improvements at Stations:

Leadership in the Region:

  • We offered our stations and parking lots for COVID-19 vaccinations and testing sites, and we made it easy for residents to take transit to get vaccinated.
  • We launched our Link21 Program to transform Northern California’s rail network with an eye on equity and how best to serve the mega-region.
  • Our Transit-Oriented Development program advanced with new homes at Pleasant Hill and MacArthur leasing up. Construction at Millbrae and Walnut Creek stayed on track for 2022 completion.  Projects at Lake Merritt and West Dublin were entitled.
  • Our electric power supply was certified as 100% greenhouse gas free.
  • We contracted $73.2 million dollars to a diverse group of small, minority, and women owned businesses.
  • We implemented a COVID vaccine mandate for all employees to help keep our workforce and riders healthy.

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