Dec. 24 email on Quinto case from Antioch acting police chief to assistant city manager shows “County Protocol invoked”

Header of Captain Schnitzius’ Dec. 24 email regarding the Angelo Quinto incident to Assistant City Manager Rosanna Bayon Moore.

Entitled Law Enforcement Protocol Event; Importance: High

No evidence of communication with council members or public from city management or APD

“Since then, the council has been informed. It’s a work in progress…” – Councilman Mike Barbanica

By Allen Payton

In response to a public records request, on Monday, March 15, 2021 Antioch city staff released a copy of the email message from Antioch Police Captain Trevor Schnitzius to Assistant City Manager Rosanna Bayon Moore and copied to Chief T Brooks, regarding the incident with Angelo Quinto on Dec. 23 during which he lost consciousness and was subsequently transported to the hospital. Quinto later died at the hospital on Dec. 26. Schnitzius was acting police chief as both Brooks and City Manager Ron Bernal were on vacation at the time of both. (See related articles here and here)

The email was sent at 7:07 a.m. on Dec. 24, 2020. The subject line reads: “Law Enforcement Protocol Event” and “Importance: High”. Email fr Schnitzius to Bayon Moore re Quinto 122420

The email reads, “Officers responded to a family disturbance service call where the caller reported the subject was hurting another family member. Upon arrival, officers determined the 30 year old male resident was experiencing a mental episode. The resident was restrained in handcuffs for everyone’s safety due to his non-cooperative behavior and was to be sent for a mental health evaluation pursuant to W/I 5150. An ambulance was summoned to the residence and while awaiting the ambulance’s arrival, the subject lost consciousness.”

The email continued explaining what occurred the night before: “CPR was initiated and the subject was transported to an area hospital via ambulance. As of this writing the subject is in critical condition and it is unknown if/how long he will survive according to medical staff. We should have an update later today after the neurologist evaluates the resident.

County Protocol was invoked and inspectors from the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office are conducting an investigation into the incident with assistance from the Antioch Police Department. The investigation is still in the preliminary stages and additional facts and information are still being gleaned.

As of 0630 hours there have not been any inquiries by the media and a no press release has been disseminated. I will be available by phone should you need to follow up with me personally as I am currently the Acting Chief, while Chief Brooks is on leave.”

The Dec. 24 email frrom Schnitzius to Bayon Moore and Brooks regarding the Angelo Quinto incident on Dec. 23, 2020.

Bayon Moore Refuses to Respond

Further questions were sent to Bayon Moore and all council members on Monday, March 15, if she had informed them of either the Dec. 23rd incident or Quinto’s death on Dec. 26th. They were asked: “Were any of you aware of that (email from Schnitzius)? Did she contact any of you, at that time? Were you contacted by any member of city staff about Mr. Quinto’s death on Dec. 26th? Anything else you would like to share about it?”

In addition, Bayon Moore was asked, “did you in turn inform the mayor and/or any of the council members at that time of the communication from Captain Schnitzius? If so, please provide a copy of that email. If no, why not? Did you expect or ask Captain Schnitzius if he had or was going to do so?”

Finally, additional questions were sent to her asking “were you informed by Ron (Bernal) or had the understanding that it’s your responsibility to inform the council members of such an event, or it was the police department’s? Were you informed of Mr. Quinto’s death on Dec. 26th and did you in turn inform any of the council members?”

Mayor, Two Council Members Respond

As previously reported, Mayor Lamar Thorpe, who was also on vacation at the time of both the police incident and Quinto’s death, said he was unaware of the email message from Schnitzius to Bayon Moore. Thorpe also previously stated that he learned about the incident on social media and spoke to Chief Brooks on Dec. 31st asking if there had been an in-custody death.

“I have never received a text from the city manager about the police department. If I had I would have found that unusual as that has never happened. I know I have communications from Captain Moorefield when he was acting chief,” Thorpe shared when reached for comment on the question if the council members were informed by Bayon Moore. “The question to ask is did Captain Schnitzius inform the council.”

District 2 Antioch Councilman Mike Barbanica responded to the same question saying, “I was not advised of the incident. I learned of it on social media three weeks to a month later. I reached out to Chief Brooks about it. I was advised that there was a notification to the assistant city manager and at some time point the mayor, but I don’t know when.”

“I made it clear that any event of this nature in the city, I felt, the council should be made aware of it,” he continued. “Since then, the council has been informed.”

Barbanica spoke of his experience as a Pittsburg Police officer, in which the department informed the council members of major events that occurred in that city.

“I was not used to not being notified about things occurring…of any major event that occurs in the City of Antioch,” he stated. “I’m not looking for any investigative details, just the information of what happened.”

“It’s a work in progress getting this in place,” Barbanica added.

When asked on Wed., March 17 if she had found the email message she referred to previously, District 3 Councilwoman Lori Ogorchock responded, “I cannot find it. I was still looking for it, yesterday with no luck.”

03/20/21 UPDATE: Chief Brooks Responds to Additional Questions

Additional questions were sent to Chief Brooks asking if Schnitzius had contacted any of the council members about either the Dec. 23rd incident with Angelo Quinto or his death on Dec. 26th? He responded, “No he did not.  His only communication was with the assistant city manager.”

Asked if the captain was informed that was part of his responsibility as acting chief on major matters, such as an incident requiring the invoking of the county protocol, Brooks responded, “no, I failed to give him that direction prior to leaving on vacation.”

Regarding Thorpe’s comments, Brooks also added, “the mayor and other councilmember are correct.  Past practice has been they received notification from the police chief directly.  Obviously, the inadvertent lapse of immediate council notification in this case has justifiably moved council to seek/create a formal notification process to prevent this oversight from happening again.”

Another Public Records Request

As a result of the lack of response from Bayon Moore and the other two council members, and no record of any communication from her to Ogorochock that could be found, another public records request was submitted on March 16 for any and all communication between Bayon Moore and council members about both the Dec. 23rd incident with Quinto and his death on Dec. 26th. City staff has 10 days to respond.

Please check back later for any updates to this report.

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